Albarino Day 2024: History & How to Celebrate

The idea for International Albarino Day, which is observed on August 1 every year, came from a competition between Ernesto Zàrate and Bernardo Quintanilla to name the best wine of 1952. The first Albario Day event was held the following year. Although the Albarino grape is planted in several nations, Spain is the main producer. The Albarino grape, which is used to make different types of white wine, has a characteristic botanical aroma.

History Of Albarino Day

The final day of the celebration is known as International Albarino Day. This celebration, also known as Fiesta del Albarino, takes place in Cambados, Spain, the week before the first Sunday in August. The competition to name the greatest wine of 1952 between two individuals, Bernardo Quintanilla, and Ernesto Zarate, served as the inspiration for the festival.

A grape variety known as Albario or Alvarinho is mostly planted in Galicia, an autonomous community of Spain. This flourishes in Monaco and Melgaco, Portugal. The grape, which is a member of the genus Vitis vinifera, is used to make varietal white wines. Contrary to popular belief, Albarino also thrives in California, particularly in Clarksburg, Napa, Edna Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, and Los Carneros.

This grape is grown in Washington and Oregon as well. According to research, Albarino grapes have been grown in Spain for centuries, debunking the common belief that French monks from Cluny in France brought them there. Furthermore, there has been no proof of Albarino at Cluny, not even under a different name.

Albarino is combined with other grapes including Loureiro, Godelho, Cainho, and Arinto to create blended wines in other towns like Lima, Braga, Valdeorras, and Ribeiro. The alcohol content of wine made from Albarino grapes is unusually low, ranging from 11.5 percent to 12.5 percent. The grape also contains thick skins and large pips, which may leave behind a harsh aftertaste, as well as a characteristic botanical scent with a citrus undertone.

Let’s talk Albariño styles

The great majority of Albarino wines are typically made to be consumed young and un-aged. Their light body, strong acidity, and energizing, zesty flavor can all be used to describe them. Alvarinho is frequently the starting point for Portuguese wines from the Vinho Verde region, which are similar to Rias Baixas Albarino in many ways but also have some bubbles—not enough to be considered sparkling wines, but definitely enough to be able to detect it.

Alvarinho frequently appears in blends with other Portuguese grapes like Loureiro, Arinto, or Avesso in Vinho Verde white wines. The aged Albarino wines are our last option; they create a completely distinct, more nuanced wine. If done correctly, the wine retains all of the pleasant zestiness and freshness that its youthful counterpart is known for while also gaining additional body, complexity, and a strong finish. Winemakers employ a variety of methods, including oak, steel, lees aging, and even a mix of those methods.

Why WE Love Albarino Day

1. It’s A Celebration Of Culture

The rich cultural history of Galicia and other Albarino-producing countries is honored on International Albarino Day. Galicia may make the unique claim that the Albarino grape is indigenous to that region, and they can take pride in this.

2. Albariño Wine Is Popularized

The awareness raised on International Albarino Day has given more people the chance to learn more about this distinctive wine. More importantly, this helps winemakers market their industry.

3. It Celebrates Wine

One of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world is wine. Due to its success in the wine industry, Albarino wine is deserving of its own holiday.

Albarino Day Activities

1. Eat Grapes

Enjoy some luscious grapes to celebrate. They are delicious and packed with nutrients that have huge health advantages.

2. Spread The Word

Promote International Albarino Day by telling people about it. Share it with others and make a social media post with the hashtag #AlbarioDay.

3. Go to A Wine-Tasting Event

If there is a local wine-tasting event, go to it. While you’re at it, research how some of your favorite wines age.

Albariño Pairing – what to have it with?

Given that the majority of it originates from the Galician coast in Rias Baixas or the Portuguese Vinho Verde region, both of which are located near the Atlantic, it should come as no surprise that Albarino wines pair perfectly with all kinds of seafood. Younger Albarinos pair well with seafood risotto, oysters, white crab, and platters of shellfish.

Grilled vegetable meals, Caesar salad, and soft and semi-hard cheeses are vegetarian options. You can try somewhat more flavorful meals like seafood stews, sushi, and seared scallops if you have one of the more sophisticated and mature Albarino.

Albarino Day FAQS

The most common wine grape is Cabernet Sauvignon.

When was Albariño wine discovered?

Albarino wine is thought to have started sometime in the 12th century.

Can you eat grapes used for wine?

Wine grapes, like Albarino, are often not consumed raw.

Albarino Day Dates

August 1Monday2022
August 1Tuesday2023
August 1Thursday2024
August 1Friday2025
August 1Saturday2026


As you can see, Albarino Day is a wonderful way to celebrate this sweet grape. In recent years, many people have started celebrating this day with friends and family.

With the best Albarino wine in hand, what better way to experience this celebration than by enjoying good food? To make your event even more special and memorable, try adding some of these popular Spanish dishes: bacalao a la Albarino (Salt-baked Cod), patatas fritas y albaricoques (Fried Potatoes and Albaricoques) or enchiladas verdes con vinagre de manzana y guindilla (green enchiladas with apple vinegar).

Whatever you decide to serve for your culinary extravaganza, we hope it will be nothing short of an unforgettable feast.

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