Animation Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes, Captions, Messages & Greetings

The ASIFA designated October 28 as the principal worldwide occasion to recognize the field of animation on International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002.

Charles-Emile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique was first performed in 1892 at the Grevin Museum in Paris on this day. Émile was forced to chapter 11 in 1895 when the Lumière siblings’ Cinematograph outshined Raynaud’s.

The event has been witnessed in over 50 countries with over 1000 occurrences on each landmass, throughout the globe, recently. ASIFA, or the International Animated Film Association, was the founder of IAD.

Animation Day Wishes

On Animation Day, I will spend the day with the creative artisan who dwells in my heart, because my dreams will come true.

On this animation day, we should be innovative enough to transform the world into a spectacular place for the people we want.

I realize that we can’t cultivate everything we believe, but animation will allow us to express our creative ideas.

Artisans treasure their capacity to imagine and bring their imaginations to fruition, as well as engage others, on the occasion of animation.

I wish we might all tap into our builders and revel in the day by allowing their outstanding personalities to seep throughout the globe.

Tom Jerry is without a doubt my favorite illustrator out there.

I’d like to thank everyone who made my childhood so wonderful and significant, thanks to everyone from today’s kid’s shows.

Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Minnie, and all of the other cartoons that were once my favorite pastime are brought back to life on Animation Day.

The animation will enable your fantasies to take flight. Let us fly through the skies of creation on this animation day.

I wish for a world full of superheroes and princesses, but since that isn’t feasible, I’ll have to celebrate this day by bringing them back to life and living it.

Imagine the world of animation with your characters and immerse yourself in it. National Animation Day is observed today.

Animation Day Messages

The skill of producing developments that are drawn isn’t the area of animated pictures, but it is. I put on a pink or green wig when I get up around the beginning of the day.

These images make me feel energetic in a different realm, and I hope that everyone shares my enthusiasm.

I’m an animator at heart. It allows me to be the person I want to be, someone who isn’t ashamed to have fun. I’m counting on everyone to take time out of their lives to appreciate this moment.

Working in animation is a unique experience. There are no make-up seats or early morning call times. The sun is constantly setting too soon in reality, and you’re continually fighting the clock. It’s a happy animated day!

Animation enables me to set the sun when I need it and lets me enjoy the day with the people I choose, so I appreciate it. Using animation, make your daily schedule. It’s a happy animation day!

Because you can create anything and do anything with characters, the desire is to be quite free with the boundaries and rules when it comes to animation.

Enjoy life with animation by shattering stereotypes. It’s a great day to be alive!

Animation, in my opinion, has the best element of not having to represent yourself. It’s just your irrational ideas about the universe and yourself. It’s a happy birthday to you!

With your fantasy characters, enter the world of animation. Happy animation day to you.

I enjoy playing a variety of roles on camera, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy my job. It’s tough to do that over time. Individuals don’t share their confidence in you to achieve something extra. Animation, in any case, makes it easier.

It’s about trust and how far you would be willing to go away from yourself in animation. That is a really innovative and exceptional scenario. Let your surroundings be a source of creativity and life.

I appreciate how animation is unbridled, with no bounds; when you’re in the room, you don’t have to worry about your looks, but it’s all about the feelings.

Your daydreams get wings thanks to animation. On this animation day, let’s take flight in the sky of creation.

Deciding what you should do and ensuring it is connected to something is a major portion of coordinated animation. Something that individuals can connect with. At certain points, the animation is quite cool.

The narration is my absolute favorite part of the animation. You have the option to engage with the writers and immerse yourself in their tales. The writers, rather than merely producing characters, breathe life into them.

I fantasize about a world full of superheroes and princesses, but I have to praise this day by living it and enjoying life because they can’t be here in reality.

That is the reason I will commend the day with the creative artisan who resides in my heart. -Animation Day will make my dreams come true, as I had anticipated.

Today is an animation day, so we should be able to come up with some ideas to make this planet colorful with the people we adore.

I know animation will make our creative energies work out because I know all that we think can’t be cultivated yet.

The craftsmen regard their ability to fantasize and bring ideas into reality as a source of pride on animation day.

I hope that by pouring the world with their superb personalities, we will all draw out our makers and appreciate the day.

There are many illustrators, but my favorite is Tom jerry.

I want to thank all of my favorite little kid show characters from throughout the years who made my childhood so fantastic.

Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Minnie, and each of the other animations that were my most beloved diversion is brought back to mind on animation day.

Animation Day Captions

  • Everything is created by you, and there is no animation. #animation #art
  • The skill of drawing moving pictures is called animation, not the skill of drawing moving pictures. #anime #illustration
  • Animation is a team sport in which we do everything based on pure creativity, which I like the most about it. #digitalart #danimation
  • The closest thing to creating anything else is animation. When you’re a kid, putting on a show is a lot like designing #design #artist.
  • When it comes to storyboarding and motion graphics, there is a lot of time wasted getting it right, which can’t be done quickly.
  • I prefer the human flaws of handling to the computer animation’s flawless appearance. You’ll like the animation if you give this flaw a chance to define you. #graphicdesign #artwork
  • However, when it comes to animation, your creativity is your best friend. Imagine yourself as one of your favorite characters. Let’s celebrate invention today, shall we? #aftereffects #cinema
  • They encourage me to feel positive in a different realm, and they request that we acknowledge these sentiments.. #blender #animationart
  • Drawing development is a skill that requires patience and commitment in the field of animation. #motiondesign #sketch
  • I’d like to be considered an animator in some sense. It allows me to be the person I want to be, someone who isn’t ashamed of having a good time. #film #characterdesign
  • It’s a fantastic experience to work with animation. There are no make-up seats, and there are no early-morning call times. #video #music #animated

Animation Day Quotes

“Without animation, the world would have been a horrible place.” -Anonymous.

“When in doubt, animate!” -Anonymous.

“Animation is one of the best ways of life.” –Anonymous.

-“A lot of the time in animation is spent getting the story right – that’s something you can’t rush.” –Jennifer Yuh Nelson.

-“What I love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”– Jeffrey Katzenberg.

-“I made tons of films. I did the animation for my friends’ films. I animated scenes just for the fun of it. Most of my stuff was bad, but I had fun, and I tried everything I knew to get better.”– Pete Docter.

-“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” –Norman McLaren.

-“Nothing’s occurring in animation – you manufacture everything.”- Gore Verbinski.

-“Doing animation is closer to pretending than anything else you get to do. It’s much more like when you’re a kid putting on a character.” – Diedrich Bader.

Animation Day Statuses

  1. Today, we salute visionaries and creative energy. I wish all of the animators a great day of animation.
  2. The practice of moving pictures is called animation, whereas the drawing of specific events is called animation.
  3. Nothing happens in animation; everything is built by you, the animator.
  4. From the ground up, you develop your creative abilities.
  5. In animation, a significant portion of the time is spent perfecting the story, which is something that cannot be rushed.
  6. When you surge, you pound your musings.
  7. It’s the artisan’s abilities that bring a tale to life with a flurry of colors and subtle alterations, not animation per se.
  8. Everyone who has ever taken the time to connect with us has a happy animation day.
  9. What I like most about animation is that it’s a communal activity in which everyone’s effort is driven by pure creative energy.
  10. Everything else is more like imagination than animation. Let us vow to create a world where people are interesting and life is treasured.
  11. Rather than teach someone and expect them to be entertained, I’d rather engage people and trust that they’ll get the hang of it. Friends have a wonderful time at animation.
  12. Today, let us acknowledge their uniqueness and inventiveness, which sets them apart from the herd.
  13. That reminds me of when I was a kid and pretended to be someone else.

Animation Day Greetings

Today, let’s celebrate imagination and creative energy. I wish all of the experts a very happy animation day.

The discipline of development that is drawn is called animation, not the art of moving illustrations.

You make everything happen in animation. You exercise your creative talents from the ground up.

Getting the narrative right takes a certain amount of time, which you can’t rush through in animation. You pound your musings if you surge.

It is the skills of the artisan who, with the help of his creative ability, transports a tale to you by vivifying it with a flood of colors and tiny developments.

To everyone who has never forgotten to engage us on our happy animation day.

What I like most about animation is that it’s a group activity, and we all spend our time doing nothing but pure creative energy.

I’m an artist, to be precise. I believe I’m the head of an animation production firm. That is how I operate daily. Animating isn’t a job, it’s a specialty school where you learn everything rather than lead.

Everything else you get to do is more like thinking about animation than it is about doing it. Let’s claim to want to promote a society of vibrant characters and appreciate life.

When you’re a kid, putting on a character is much more akin to it. Nonetheless, it is not the only place where the youngster becomes engaged with your work; it is merely one step. Build the universe you desire. Happy Animation Day to you.

I choose to teach individuals and expect them to be entertained rather than engage and trust that they get the hang of something. Happy animation pals.

Today, we should honor their ingenuity and creative passion, which sets them apart from the rest of the population.

All things being equal, animation provides a way of storytelling and visual delight that brings joy and information to people. Appreciate the diversion vehicle and appreciate the animation.

I prefer the rough look of PC animation to the hand flaw. Give this flaw a shot at defining you and appreciate your animation.

Well, the dream is your buddy, thankfully for animation. Let’s pretend to be our favorite characters. Let’s celebrate innovation throughout this day.

Whatever the mind of man can think about may be clarified by animation. Because of its adaptability and expressiveness, this office is the most versatile and efficient communication system ever devised.


On this day, we tend to celebrate cartoon characters who have the power to become our friends for life. So, if you too are a true fan of cartoons, add some fun with these amazing celebrations and send your best wishes in the form of quotes and messages.

We’ve also thrown in some fantastic cartoons such as Scooby-Doo along with captions that can make any message a hit. Happy Animation Day everyone.

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