Black Friday 2023 – November 26

Black Friday 2023: In the United States, Black Friday is a shopping day after Thanksgiving Day, typically on November 26. On this day many people shop for holiday gifts and deals. In 2022 it will be celebrated on November 26, but what can shoppers expect to find? 

In 2022 there will be some new stores that have just opened or are opening their doors for the first time! For example, The New York Times Company has just released a new store called “The New York Times Store” with exclusive merchandise from brands like Fjallraven and Nike. In addition, this store features items from your favorite publications, including The New Yorker, The Washington Post Magazine, and more.


People were waiting in line all night long.

On Thanksgiving, many people carb up on the dinner they’ve been eating for days as, On Black Friday, they wait in line outside their favorite store to enter when the doors open.

Shopping on the Defensive

If you’ve ever watched the local news to hear about people strong-arming their grandparents for 4K TVs on Black Friday, then you understand the custom.

We’re waiting to see if Cyber Monday will come.

While watching other people trample one another to get the last BOGO Apple TV, one of the greatest Black Friday traditions is perusing Amazon at home in preparation for Cyber Monday. It’s indeed dark and satisfying. Congratulations on your life choices.


Black Friday is one of the most popular days to shop, with deals that are impossible to resist. For many people, it’s not only about getting deals on their favorite items but also an excuse for friends and family members who live far away from visiting during this time of year!

Black Friday was started in the early 1990s because retailers were getting into trouble. They underestimated how popular online shopping would become, so they set up sales on Thanksgiving evening to get people excited about opening their wallets for Black Friday deals while it’s still public.

Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for shoppers. It’s when stores offer deep discounts and sales on popular items, like TVs or furniture!

The term Black Friday only came about in recent years because it comes right after Thanksgiving Day – traditionally a slow shopping period due to Americans celebrating their countrywide holidays such as Christmas (or whatever they celebrate) before heading back to work. As a result, shoppers found themselves waiting outside stores at stupidly early hours just so that they could get an advantage over other buyers with their great deals.

When is Black Friday 2023?

It’s the best day of the year to get deals on electronics, furniture, and more! In 2023Black Friday, November 26.

What is Black Friday?

In America, Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. Many businesses open early on Black Friday and offer big discounts, or they may start as early as Thanksgiving Day. Since at least 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States.


It’s time to get ready for the next holiday.

You might be looking forward to Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other holiday you’ll celebrate next. On the other hand, you could adore winter and everything it entails. If you can’t wait to deck the halls, Thanksgiving immediately following may be your finest opportunity.

Consider this: you’ll have a small army of people at home with nothing to do. At the But, at least, they could assist you in putting up some holiday cheer.

You may need to set the tone depending on how jolly your family is already. Make some hot chocolate and holiday cookies. Add some winter songs to your Thanksgiving playlist. Don’t make breaking out the decorations into a chore, even if it’s a duty: frame instead, frame a thrilling method to extend the enjoyment of future family gatherings.

Create a new tradition

Create an annual tradition with friends or family members. Whether it’s waking up around 4 a.m. to go shopping at 6 a.m. or spending Thanksgiving in your pajamas and eating leftovers, Black Friday is the ideal time to start a new yearly habit.

Prepare to wait in line with relatives and friends.

If you can’t wait to sleep in a tent and watch the Super Bowl without a new 55-inch flat-screen, invite your friends and family over for a night of fun! Bring some playing cards, dominoes, or chess along with some Thanksgiving leftovers for an enjoyable new Black Friday tradition!

Make a home theater in your living room.

If you’re feeling stuffed and want to take it easy, a movie might be your best option. YouTube, for example, has a lot of film rentals available at low prices. Of course, if you’re trying to save money, the Internet Archives is a great place to visit because it offers numerous classic films for free viewing.

Have a campfire in your backyard

The cold of November is on its way. Make the most of this weather by curling up before a campfire. Arrange some comfortable seats around the fire and enjoy the popping sounds.

When you’re hungry, getting creative is a good idea. Make Thanksgiving leftovers into some interesting campfire dishes, or go with traditional campfire food, s’mores. While eating, keep your eyes skyward and look for the constellations. Make a contest out of identifying the most constellations, even if it’s just the big and little dipper.

Why We Really Love Black Friday

It’s an essential part of the American experience.

All Americans participate in the Black Friday frenzy as a rite of passage. Doorbuster sales, camping out in front of the shop late at night, long queues, and brawls are all part of the American Black Friday experience.

Coupons Relax Us, Make Us Happy

The Black Friday sales have a physical—and beneficial—impact on our brain, whether we’re aware of it or not. In the age of the smartphone, businesses entice customers with mobile discounts to make them spend money at the store rather than online. And so, even if prices in-store or on Cyber Monday get deeper, Black Friday-specific coupons may provide an immediate sense of calm. All of which explains why consumers are happier.

It allows us to form a stronger relationship.

For many people, Black Friday isn’t only about shopping; it’s also a tradition of getting up before dawn and doing something fun with friends or family members. (And then, yeah, it’s all about the shopping!)

Black Friday Dates



Happy Black Friday! Have you heard about the newest holiday tradition? The day after Thanksgiving, we’ve taken to calling it “Black Friday.” We may not know what this name means or why it came to be associated with shopping, but that doesn’t stop us from participating in the traditions and finding out on November 26th, 2022! To get ready for this new holiday celebration, let’s talk about some of your favorite things about Black Friday. What is one thing you can’t wait to buy during next year’s “Black Friday”? Share your thought below.

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