Commerce Day 2023: History & How to Celebrate

Every year the first Monday in August, which is August 7 this year, is Commerce Day. Icelanders adore this festival and anticipate it with tremendous fervor. Although it began as a day off for blue-collar workers, it swiftly spread to other workers throughout the country and neighboring European countries. On Commerce Day, we honor the contributions and sacrifices made by workers every day. Everyone has the day off as well. On Commerce Day, most major and minor firms as well as the national stock market suspend their regular business operations.

History Of Commerce Day

Iceland celebrates Fridagur verslunarmanna, commonly known as Commerce Day. Although the Danish people no longer practice this custom, it is still alive and well in Iceland. On September 13, 1894, the inaugural Commerce Day was marked. This date was decided upon at a gathering of unions and managers of the largest stores in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. To provide commercial workers with a day off during the summer, this official holiday was created. Shop employees, tradespeople, and industrial workers began to enjoy Commerce Day. Its dates changed from September to August over time.

Icelanders decided to designate the first Monday in August as Commerce Day in 1931. Because it falls on a Monday, Icelanders were able to enjoy a long weekend break on Commerce Day. Given how infrequently warm, bright weather occurs, it is hardly surprising that workers adopted this holiday quickly. Before everyone had to return to work or school, it was an appropriate way to cap up the summer. Additionally, it made sense for everyone to take a break on this day because suppliers and manufacturers rely on one another for labor and parts.

Even today, Icelanders still look forward to Commerce Day, which is celebrated with numerous outdoor celebrations, leisure activities, and parties. Many Icelanders load up their RVs and prepare their tents to spend some much-needed free time in the lovely summertime forests.

Commerce Day Timeline

At Reykjavik, the inaugural Commerce Day is celebrated. The official date for Commerce Day is agreed upon unanimously by shop managers, manufacturers, and union representatives on August 7. The world’s first e-commerce company, Boston Computer Exchange, goes live. Amazon launches an online bookstore.

Observing Commerce Day

While there are smaller festivals, concerts, and celebrations held all over Iceland, Commerce Day is generally commemorated with a massive outdoor event held on the Westman Islands.

On this holiday, most businesses close, however, those that continue to operate are obligated to pay their workers holiday pay. Because it provides a three-day weekend to everyone, it has become a popular summer vacation across Iceland.

When is Commerce Day?

In Iceland, Commerce Day is a national holiday that is observed on August 1st every year.

Tradesmen’s Day or the Merchant’s Holiday are two other names for this holiday.

Fridagur verslunarmanna is the name given to it in Icelandic.

Commerce Day Activities

1. Say Thank You to Workers

It may seem a little uncomfortable, but expressing gratitude to employees in your neighborhood can significantly impact their feelings. Reach out to them on social media if you don’t want to do it in person. Spread the word and encourage others to show their appreciation for workers’ efforts around the world. It’s an inexpensive yet powerful method to commemorate the occasion.

2. Go Camping

In Iceland, the unofficial camping holiday of Commerce Day is observed. On this day, many people leave the city to experience the calm of nature. It’s a fantastic way to relax and get out of the city’s hectic work environment.

3. Throw A Party

Do you need an excuse to celebrate on a public holiday? Early Commerce Day festival included a series of parties and events if you’re interested to learn. Because of the inclement weather, many couldn’t attend the main events in the Westman Islands; instead, they staged smaller receptions all around the nation. That’s a good enough excuse to have a party.

Why We Love Commerce Day

1. Keeping Tradition Alive

This festival has been celebrated for almost 100 years and is still relevant today. With each passing year, more European nations are embracing the celebration. You keep a long-standing custom alive every time you commemorate Commerce Day.

2. Commerce Brought About Civilization

Commerce is at the core of human civilization and development. A strong trade system that spanned borders was shared by all great empires. The Roman highways aided growth and development. Eurasian economic and political relationships were created along the Silk Road. The wonders of the Eastern world were brought to Europe by the British East India Trading Company’s shipping lines.

3. Everyone deserves a day off

At its core, Commerce Day is all about rest for the people who work so hard to keep our societies functional. This holiday is for the tradespeople, merchants, office workers, retail and service staff, delivery drivers, and everyone else who does their part to make our daily lives comfortable.

How To Celebrate Commerce Day?

On Commerce Day, we honor the contributions and sacrifices made by workers every day. Everyone has the day off as well. On Commerce Day, most large and small businesses as well as the national stock exchange suspend their regular business operations.

What is world commerce day?

To encourage students’ entrepreneurial talents, Startup Business Plan, Declamation Contest, and Newspaper Making i.e. Bajaj Commerce Times were organized on November 10 in honor of World Commerce Day.

World Commerce Day FAQS

Who is the father of commerce?

Merchants utilized the sea for trade, according to Greek mythology, and Poseidon is the father of commerce.

What are the three types of e-commerce?

Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) are the three different types of e-commerce.

Who started e-commerce?

The method for online transactions between firms and consumers, commonly called e-commerce, was devised by Michael Aldrich, a British businessman.

Commerce Day Dates

August 7Monday2023
August 5Monday2024
August 4Monday2025
August 3Monday2026


Commerce Day is an important day that celebrates the contribution of the business community to society. It’s also a day to promote commerce and economic growth. To learn more about Commerce Day and how to celebrate it, be sure to check out our blog post.

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