Happiness Happens Day: When, Why, How to Celebrate

Happiness Happens Day, Happiness can occur anywhere, anytime. But did you know that there is a day set aside to honor happy events? You probably don’t. Yes, there is, in fact. Every year, Happiness Happens Day is observed on a specific day. The holiday is based on the idea that sharing one’s happiness will make it a little more exciting and that happiness is contagious, bound-free, and beyond infinity.

It can also significantly improve the lives of others. As previously stated, joy is contagious, so share your joy with others! Pay attention to other people if they are content! This is the purpose of Happiness Happens Day.

Happiness Happens Day of History

Since its founding in 1998 by Pamela Gail Johnson, the Secret Society of Happy People has allowed its members to openly discuss anything that makes them happy. However, they have done it covertly in order to prevent Debbie Downer from ruining their celebration by overhearing their conversations. Their catchphrase, Are you happier than you say you are? was born out of this.

In 1999, they established Admit You’re Happy Day, which was changed to Happiness Happens Day. Because, well, why to confine a celebration of pleasure to one day?, they proclaimed August 2000 as Happiness Happens Month. Happiness Happens Month has a different theme every year. They urged everyone in 2019 to recognize those who are our Smile Starters or those who make them smile.

Society provides a wide range of tools and resources to foster happiness on a personal, professional, and social level. For instance, they developed a Happiness Counter to assist you in identifying the often-overlooked happy moments in your daily life.

There are 31 different categories of happiness that are frequently felt or encountered by individuals. You can count how many you had at the end of each day and discover you had more happy moments than you acknowledged and welcomed at the time.

More and more individuals have discussed happiness over time, including how to be happy, find happiness, and share happiness. As a result, the Society’s appeal increased to the point that they no longer need anonymity. The organization changed its name to the Society of Happy People in 2019.

When is Happiness Happens Day

Every year on August 8, people commemorate this occasion. This indicates that the next Happiness Happens Day will be in just three days.

Why it is celebrated

The focus of Happiness Happens Day is having an endless supply of joy. The entire day is conducive to enjoyment today. It all comes down to appreciating each and every moment of bliss. “You lose sixty seconds of happiness for every minute you are furious,” stated Ralph Waldo Emerson. We can’t help but be opposed to it!

Not “pressing and smoothing out” the happiness of others is another aspect of this celebration. To be completely honest, there have been times or phases in our lives when we have found other people’s enjoyment to be unpleasant or at least mildly irritating. It can be a result of their contentment.

However, it’s crucial to understand that just because we’re having a horrible day, doesn’t mean we have the right to ruin someone else’s joy. We should let their happiness make us feel that way instead. Furthermore, spreading positive energy can also attract positive energy.

In other words, happiness breeds happiness, and by spreading love and joy, we can make the world a much better place. We can strive to cheer up others if we see them in a bad mood.

How to celebrate

To commemorate the finest Happiness Happens Day, check out the list of activities below:

Celebrating on social media

This day can become more well-known by taking photos, sharing them on social media, and coming up with a new hashtag. Nowadays, social media is a significant venue for acquiring recognition and celebrating days like these.

Do something that makes you happy

The ideal method to celebrate this day may be to do something amusing or joyous. such as engaging in hobbies, traveling, or indulging in favorite foods. A good method to spread happiness is also to spend time with loved ones.

Spread happiness around you

The goal of happiness is to spread it. Our worry, tension, and anxiety will be soothed by this amicable connection. It is sufficient to perform random acts of kindness, assist others, and bring joy to others. Additionally, you are encouraging children to love by doing this. What you have produced is a ripple of joy.

How happy are Americans?

Americans average 2.18 on a scale of one to three, with one denoting “not very pleased.” It’s interesting to note that since the 1970s, Republicans have regularly reported higher levels of happiness than Democrats, and these trends have not significantly changed regardless of who is in the White House.

Happiness Happens Day Dates

MondayAugust 82022
TuesdayAugust 82023
ThursdayAugust 82024
FridayAugust 82025
SaturdayAugust 82026

Final Word

Happiness Happens Day is an international day to celebrate the happy moments in our lives. It’s a day to reflect on the good things that have happened in the past year and to look forward to the positive experiences that are still waiting for us. Thanks for reading our blog.

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