Happy Dussehra 2023: Best Dussehra Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Happy Dussehra Messages, Dussehra 2023 wishes, Sayings, Quotes, and Greetings for your friends and loved ones.

Happy Dussehra wishes, Dussehra Quotes, Dussehra messages greetings, Ganga Dussehra wishes, and Dussehra images are all included in this incredible collection.

When is Dussehra?

Dussehra is the 10th day of Navratri. It represents the victory of good over evil. Lord Ram’s triumph over Ravana, as well as Maa Durga’s dominance over Demon Mahisasura, were both celebrated on this lucky day. In Hindus, Dussehra is a lucky day to start a new business or learn new arts, and it will be observed on October 24, 2023, in India.

Happy Dussehra Messages 2023

Dussehra is a major Hindu celebration that falls around Vijaya Dashami. Send your heartfelt greetings to your family and friends with Ganga Dussehra wishes, Vijaya Dashami messages, and Dussehra messages from the latest collection.

“It is time to commemorate the triumph of good over evil,” she said. Let us take strength from this day and make the correct choice in everything we do. Have a Happy Dussehra.

“May you and your loved ones enjoy the Vijaya Dashami celebrations to the fullest, filled with high spirits and bright colors.” On Dussehra, I wish you a warm greeting.

“Glorification and celebration are in order at this time.” May you have a wonderful Dussehra full of strength, and may you always fight for the right thing in life.

Dussehra Greetings Messages

The triumph of good over evil is commemorated during Dussehra. With Dussehra messages and Happy Dussehra wishes, create a wonderful Hindu holiday full of activities. Wish your family and friends a Happy Vijayadashami with magnificent Dussehra messages greetings and status.

“I pray to God that you will be blessed with the strength and bravery to fight against evil and support well on the occasion of Dussehra.” Happy Vijaya’s Day!

“On the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, I wish you peace and happiness, prosperity and success, kindness, and joy.” Happy Dussehra, my friends, and family.

“May the most beautiful Hindu culture survive” May we celebrate Dussehra with vigor and remember Lord Ram and his teachings.

Best Dussehra Messages in English

“May the fireworks of Dussehra melt away all your concerns and tensions, leaving you with joy and happy memories to savor. Have a Joyful Dussehra.”

“May Lord Ram be constantly present to shower you with kindness and happiness in your life, wherever you choose to support the right thing and do the right thing,” Happy Dashami, Happy Vijaya.

“I pray that you are always successful in life, that you always conquer all the challenges with your strength and courage on the occasion of Dussehra.” Happy Dusshera.”

Dussehra WhatsApp Status Messages

“May the sparkle of fireworks brighten up your life and replace all of your negativities with pleasure and pleasure.” Happy Dussehra to you.

“The significance of kindness and the power of kindness is constantly remembered during Vijaya Dashami.” Happy Dussehra to you.

“I wish your life is always blessed with positivity and happiness, just as Lord Ram demolished the empire of evil and sowed the seed of goodness.” Dussehra is celebrated with joy!

Happy Dussehra Wishes 2023

I wish you a Happy Vijayadashami on this joyous occasion of Dussehra. Send your loved ones Happy Dussehra wishes, Happy Dussehra images, and Dussehra greetings messages to wish them pleasant celebrations and festivities with the newest batch of Dussehra wishes.

“May Almighty be constantly present to inspire us with knowledge and strength to do the right thing in life, and to continuously fight against evil.” On Dussehra, I wish you a warm welcome.

“May your celebrations never come to an end.” May Dussehra’s unique opportunity bring you great chances in life…. Happy Dussehra!

“May your life be filled with good fortune and happiness.” May Lord Ram be with you every step of the way, giving you support and guidance on your life’s journey. “Happy Dussehra to you.”

Dussehra Messages for Friends

To make friends feel loved and happier, send Dussehra wishes via text messages. On that day, friends may enjoy the Dussehra festival by sharing sweets. To commemorate the lucky day with enthusiasm, you may also send lovely presents.

“I wish you a joyous Dussehra on behalf of my beloved friend.” May this lucky day bring joy, wealth, and prosperity to your household and family for the rest of the time.

Dussehra Messages for Love

Send the deepest Dussehra messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend and surprise them. They are, after all, the closest to your heart and you may share them as Dussehra messages for lovers.

Wish your lover a happy Dussehra celebration by sending him or her cards wishing him or her a Happy Dussehra festival. For the sake of Dussehra’s excellent celebration, one may send gifts and sweets. You may witness the Dussehra effigy-burning ceremony, as well as your love, together.

“I pray to Almighty to give you all the strength to always go with the right on this auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami, and enjoy your greatest success in life.” Have a Happy Dussehra.

“I wish that you always have the blessings of Lord Ram, which will help you sail through the tough times no matter how difficult your situation gets.” On Dussehra, I wish you the best.

“I send my affectionate Dussehra greetings via this message.” I wish you great luck and success in your life, as well as more love and togetherness in our relationship, on this joyous occasion.

Vijaya Dashami Quotes in English

“May the Vijaya Dashami celebrations bring an end to all of your problems and negative energies.” Have a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you all the best. Happy Dussehra!

“May your life be left with eternal joy and happiness if all the tension and stress in your life burn with Ravana’s effigy.” Have a wonderful Dussehra!

“May Lord Ram grant us strength to overcome our troubles and insight to make suitable choices in life, so we may pray to him…. Dussehra is a joyful celebration.”

Dussehra Message to Family

Send your family beautiful Dussehra wishes. For a brother, sister, or daughter, use these Dussehra wishes. Wish your husband and wife in a unique way using the loveliest Vijaya Dashmi Wishes. Make your family feel special and happier by wishing them Dussehra with beautiful wishes and quotations. With the use of messages and gifts for each of them, one may send Dussehra wishes to family members and friends.

“Let us perform the Dussehra festival with zeal and fervor,” they said. Thank you, Lord Ram, for all of these gifts and affection. “May Dussehra bring you lots of joy!”

“Warm wishes for Dussehra’s auspicious occasion go out to everyone.” May this fortunate day encourage us to pursue the proper path in life always.

“May you have a wonderful and joyful Vijaya Dashami.” May this festival’s brightness and positivity bring you peace and happiness!

Dussehra Messages for Employees

Wish your employees a happy Dussehra with the help of these wishes and quotations to share via text messages. Employees will be happy with the Dussehra messages. To make Dussehra Day more special for their workers, you may also send them gifts.

“May the next year be dedicated to Karma.” Wish you a year of success and harvest from your hard labor. On Dussehra, I wish you and your family good health.

“I wish you all a happy Dussehra season and beautiful presents for the auspicious occasion,” he says to his employees. I wish you great fun at the event and appreciate the presents I sent you.

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