Grandparents Day 2023: How to Celebrate National Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day is coming up soon, and how to celebrate National Grandparents Day by spending time with your grandparents. Here are some tips on how to Celebrate National Grandparents Day the right way. Whether you’re cooking them a special meal, taking them out for a day of fun, or just spending time together, Grandparents Day is a special day that you don’t want to miss.

When is Grandparents Day?

The first Sunday after Labor Day is always designated as Grandparents Day. There is a designated flower and song for Grandparents Day. The National Grandparents Day Council selected both. The forget-me-not is the recognized flower. The official song is “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill.

History of Grandparents’ Day

Russell Capper, a 9-year-old boy who wrote to President Richard Nixon in 1969, serves as the narrative’s protagonist. The president was reportedly urged in the letter to designate a day to honor grandparents. Senators asked the president to designate a National Grandparents’ Day in a joint resolution that was passed by the Senate in 1977. The motion was approved by Congress. The declaration was authorized in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. On September 10, 1978, the inaugural National Grandparents’ Day was observed.

Ideas For Happy Grandparents Day

Most grandparents will be happy with a simple supper and some quality time.

A fantastic chance to tell some family tales or look at old photos is on Grandparents Day.

Puzzles, card games, and board games are enjoyable low-key pastimes.

A few locations (mostly museums) arrange Grandparents Day events every year if the family would like to go on an outing.

If your grandparents are still able, you can cook with them or prepare it on your own. You’re eating a meal that has memories either way.

Inquire about your grandparent’s preferred vintage film. Together, watch it all afternoon.

Join your family in celebrating Grandparents Day. More time spent with them. Take a moment to express your affection for your grandparents on this happy National Grandparents Day.

10 Ways How to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Grandparents play a unique role in our lives. If you’ve had the good fortune to spend time with your own grandparents, you already know how important the memories you make with them are. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate national grandparents day enjoyable and memorable for you both!

1. Send a Homemade Card

For grandparents who live nearby or far away, a card makes a thoughtful present, especially if it is made by hand. See what the kids can make by gathering some painting items including paint, colorful scraps of paper, and stencils. You may decorate envelopes as well.

2. Make a Photograph Craft

Include pictures in your project since grandparents adore seeing pictures of their favorite grandchildren. Consider laminating a photo collage to create a placemat. Or, for a unique refrigerator décor, attach magnetic tape to the back of a picture. Even better, ask your children to design a picture of their grandparents and them on an adventure. Take a picture, then have it printed on matching T-shirts.

3. Share A Hobby

Grandparents Day is the ideal time to discuss your loved one’s interests and pastimes. Make something with your grandfather if he enjoys woodworking. Or, if your grandmother enjoys painting, do some spontaneous art lessons outside in the open air. Family histories are so rich because of these common teachings.

Accept it if your grandparents want to tell you how they developed the best green thumbs on the neighborhood. You or your kids might find a brand-new hobby, carrying on a family tradition started by your grandparents!

4. Sit Down for a Meal

Spending time with their grandchildren is one of the few things grandparents value most highly. Plan a family barbecue, lunch, or dinner that includes their preferred cuisine. Grandparents will value your time together whether it is grandiose or just a sandwich on a park bench.

5. Plan a Themed Day

Themed events inject some fun into your day, whether it be a day at the beach or an ice cream social. Grandparents are given lunch and carnival games at Victoria Landing Retirement Residence in Brandon, Manitoba!

6. Interview Your Grandparents

Grandchildren can ask their grandparents questions about their upbringing and then compile their findings. Children will be captivated by learning about grandma and grandpa’s childhood. Choose the most absurd fact to share, such as the absence of a refrigerator or a cell phone.

7. Record the Family’s History

Utilize your grandparents’ knowledge and experience to your advantage by learning about your family’s history through their memories. You never know what you could discover about yourself or your parents if you take the time to reflect on the past.

8. Start a tradition

Together, ask the grandmother and the grandchild to trace around their hands. Alternatively, create and color a butterfly or flower each year to give to grandma or grandpa. These make lovely souvenirs to display on a little tree or garland for Grandparents Day.

9. Perform a Song

Your grandparents’ performance will live on in your memories as a great moment. Gather the cousins to perform a song for the grandparents. Why not send a video or audio recording of the kids singing to the grandparents if they live far away?

10. Bake a Treat

Children can assist their adult relatives in baking cookies or muffins for their grandparents. Holding a baking day where many generations get together in the kitchen is another delightful idea because time is what grandparents want their grandchildren to give them the most.

Celebrate Grandparents Day

It’s only polite to express gratitude to grandparents for their gifts and time. However, Grandparents Day could be an excellent opportunity to have a conversation with children about how valuable and adored their grandparents are. The only motivation your children require to express their feelings to their grandparents may come from a brief moment of reflection about pleasant times and shared experiences.

Your children might decide to compose a song, a list, or poetry. They might make a gift or paint a portrait. Grandpa and Grandma will undoubtedly be extremely appreciative of whatever they do, I can assure you of that.

Grandparents Day is celebrated in particular at several schools. This makes it possible for grandparents to attend classes and see their grandchildren in this unique setting. This day and a book fair were always combined at my school. It turns out that grandparents are excellent book shoppers and love to promote reading. But most importantly, we discovered that having the chance to get to know each other better benefited both kids and grandparents. We always encouraged children to “borrow” a surrogate for the day if their grandparents were unable to be there. Grandparents were invited to talk about their own school experiences before everyone gathered for a BBQ supper.

Children might not be aware of the significant voluntary activities grandparents perform in our communities. Some grandparents watch the kids so that the parents can work. Others engage in long hours at non-profit and charitable institutions. Some grandparents read aloud to young children in public libraries, while others show them how to use the equipment. They undertake these chores out of a desire to volunteer and show that they care, not because someone pays them for their time. 

Grandparents Day Dates

YearGrandparents Day
2022Sunday, September 11
2023Saturday, September 10
2024Thursday, September 8
2025Wednesday, September 7


Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to celebrate national grandparents day. Grandparents are an important part of a child’s life, and it’s important to show them some extra love on this special day. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate National Grandparents Day the right way:

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