International Animation Day 2023: Quotes, Messages & Status

The ASIFA proclaimed the Day of International Animation Day as the Major Global Event to Celebrate The Art of Animation in 2002. The First Public Performance Of Charles-Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique At The Grevin Museum In Paris In 1892 Is commemorated On This Day.

His Public Showing Of Animation, On The Other Hand, Was Almost As Early As The Camera-made Films In The History Of Optical Entertainments. Every year, Asifa hires an artist to make a unique art poster advertising the event.

International Animation Day Quotes, Messages, Theme

They Make Me Feel Enthused In A Whole New Realm, And We All Need To Recognize This Feeling.

Nonetheless, my absolute favorite is Tom Jerry, who is there.

When You Are In The Room, You Don’t Need To Focus On Your Looks Yet It’s About The Sentiments; That’s What I Like About Animation.

Animation is a unique way of working. There isn’t a make-up seat or any Early Morning Call Times. In Real Life, You’re Always Fighting Time; In Everyday Life, The Sun Sets Much Too Soon. Happy International Animation Day, everybody.

The ability to imagine and make things materialize and engage people is evaluated at the point when the artists esteem their capacity to do so.

Because You Can Draw Anything And Do Anything With The Characters, The Tendency Is To Be Particularly Loose With The Boundaries And Rules.

Deciding What You Must Do and ensuring it is tied in with something is a major element of coordinated animation. animation works well at times, and it has a universal appeal to individuals.

The Narrating is My Most Favorite Part of Animation. You Can Put Your Whole Heart Into The Story, which the Authors Will Honor. Yet, rather than simply creating characters, the writers give them life.

I Wish We Could All Unleash The Creators Within Us And Thank The Day By Showing The World Their Amazing Personalities.

I Dream About A World Of Superheroes And Princesses, But Because They Can’t Be Here, I Need To Praise This Moment By Celebrating Them And Appreciating Life.

It’s Much More Like Pretending To Be A Character When You’re A Kid, But Your Job Isn’t Limited To It. Rather, It Is The Kid’s Point Of Entry Into Your Work. Happy International Animation Day. Create The Universe Of Your Dreams.

Animation offers a method of telling and visual amusement that conveys happiness and information to people, no matter their abilities.

On International Animation Day, Break Generalizations And Recognize Existence.

And let’s fantasize about our fantasy characters, Well, Fortunately With Animation, Dream Is Your Friend.

International Animation Day Quotes

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

I Know All That We Think Can’t Be Cultivated Yet Animation Will Make Our Creative Energies Work Out.

“Nothing’s occurring in animation – you manufacture everything.” – Gore Verbinski

Let’s Praise Creative Energy And Imaginators Today. I Wish Every One Of The Specialists An Extremely Cheerful Animation Day.

“A lot of the time in animation is spent getting the story right – that’s something you can’t rush.” – Jennifer Yuh Nelson

I Consider Myself To Be A Bit Of Animation. It Gives Me A Chance To Be The Individual I Need To Be, An Individual Who’s Not Humiliated To Have Fun. I Need We All To Take Out Time out And Appreciate This Minute And Appreciate Life.

“What I love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.” – Jeffrey Katzenberg

Animation Isn’t The Craft Of Illustrations That Move However The Specialty Of Developments That Are Drawn.

“Doing animation is closer to pretending than anything else you get to do. It’s much more like when you’re a kid putting on a character.” – Diedrich Bader

A Part Of The Time In Animation Is Spent Getting The Story Right – That Is Something You Can’t Rush. if You Surge, You Pound Your Musings.

International Animation Day Status

  • Today, we will celebrate visionaries and creative energy. I wish all of the animators a wonderful International Animation Day.
  • The skill of moving pictures is called animation, while the job of depicting developments is called animation.
  • Nothing happens in animation; everything is generated by you.
  • You build your creative potential from the ground up.
  • A major part of the effort in animation is spent on refining the narrative, which cannot be hurried.
  • When you surge, you pound your musings.
  • The craftsman can convey a narrative with a flurry of colors and tiny alterations, not just animation.
  • Everyone who has ever taken the time to communicate with us on our happy International Animation Day.
  • What I like best about animation is that it is a shared activity in which we all generate pure creative energy.
  • Everything else, save for animation, is more akin to thinking than acting. Let us agree to create a universe in which lives are valued.
  • I’d rather teach people and expect them to be entertained than engage them and trust that they’ll get the hang of it. A great day of animation is had by Friends.
  • Today, which distinguishes them from the ordinary crowd, let us acknowledge their ingenuity and creative energy.
  • When you’re pretending to be someone else as a kid, it’s a lot like this.


Today is the International Animation Day. This year, we found brilliant quotes and messages related to animation on this day. No wonder when you see so many talented artists getting together to celebrate this day with such amazing work, it makes us fall in love with art all over again! Well done everyone.

Keep creating beautiful animations and share them online for others to enjoy.

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