International Beer Day 2022: History & How to Celebrate

One of the earliest alcoholic beverages ever is beer. Fans all across the world now have one more reason to celebrate International Beer Day on the first Friday in August. Beer has a reputation for being the preferred beverage of the typical working person. When it is presented cold, foamy, or powerful, Every year on the first Friday in August, or August 5, as the end of the summer approaches, we observe International Beer Day. We join together to celebrate our shared love of beer as another weekend begins, setting aside our differences and our work.

Beer manages to accomplish what politicians have been trying to do for centuries: bring people together for a good cause. We stop what we’re doing, sit down, and have a few pints of beer to talk to one other about our unquenchable hunger for beer. Beer somehow makes it possible to agree to disagree and still leave friends, regardless of how amicable or unpleasant the discourse is, quiet or passionate. Many of us have probably had a few beers and worked out many of the world’s issues.

When Is International Beer Day

We’re prepared to raise a glass and toast International Beer Day on August 5.

History Of International Beer Day

International Beer Day is all about celebrating mankind’s shared hunger for what is probably the oldest and most cherished beverage in the world. Since the first grains were unintentionally found to have fermented and produced a sparkling, scented liquid that someone dared to try and drink, did not die but instead had a delightful little buzz, smiled, and remarked, Wow, people have been fascinated by beer. Since then, mankind has become fixated with developing beer formulas and brewing techniques in search of the next Wow.

Almost all cultures have drank beer at some point in human history. The earliest indications of man’s fascination with making beer come from Mesopotamia and ancient Babylonia. Beer recipes that were recorded on clay tablets in 4300 B.C. and pottery containers that were still sticky with beer residue in 3400 B.C. have both been discovered by archaeologists. Everyone in ancient Egypt consumed beer as a staple of their diet, including pharaohs, commoners, priests, and even young children.

Hymn to Ninkasi, a homage to the Sumerian goddess of beer, which dates back to 1800 B.C. and may be the first song about beer, contains a recipe for a beer that was prepared by female priestesses.

Christian monks started producing beer in the Middle Ages and popularized the use of hops. Before then, local flavorings like dates and olive oils were added to the brewing process of beer. Beers are still flavor-added with hops, herbs, or fruits in modern brewing. Whether it’s macro, micro, or craft, beer brewing is still a skilled profession that uses time-tested methods that have been meticulously refined over the course of decades and millennia.

Back in August of 2007, Jesse Avshalomov and a few pals were enjoying some chat and drinks in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. He was no doubt thinking about our shared love of beer. His motivations for starting International Beer Day back then were as follows:

  • Enjoy beer with your mates when you get together.
  • congratulate those who produce and serve beer.
  • Celebrate the beers of all countries on one day to unify the world under the banner of beer.

Jesse’s LinkedIn page states that he created International Beer Day as an experiment in virality gone catastrophically wrong.


In addition to thanking brewers, bartenders, and other beer technicians, participants are urged to buy drinks for one another as a gift of beer. Participants are encouraged to try a beer from a different culture in order to broaden their horizons and embrace the worldwide nature of the holiday.

International Beer Day Traditions

Go Bottoms up. on International Beer Day and partake in happy hours, chugging contests, and conversation over a beer. Most people come together and enjoy themselves over beers. A local bartender may, with any luck, provide some free beer if friends are persuaded to buy a round for the group. These priceless moments are shared on social media using trending hashtags for all to see.

In pubs and breweries, special offers and hours are established; some establishments go it a step further by serving beer in distinctive glasses. We admire and tip generously the bartenders and waitresses who work nonstop to provide us fantastic discussion and beer prepared to our preferences.

International Beer Day Activities

1. Be Generous

Leave a particularly big tip at the bar if you frequently frequent your neighborhood pub, tavern, or taproom. Let the bartender know how much you value him or her. Take a photo of them and share it on social media while showering them with hugs and kisses. Also, don’t forget to post and drink responsibly.

2. Earn Your Wings

Earn Your Wings by tasting a few beers in a nearby taproom, that is. On International Beer Day, get out and try something new since the world of beer is vast. Even better, why not plan a daylong excursion? Before conducting any flight testing, take a tour of the brewery to understand more about the science involved in making beer.

3. Sing Beer Songs At Karaoke

To honor beer, turn up the twang in your voice and visit the local Karaoke bar. Artists in American country music are the best at singing about beer. On International Beer Day, you shouldn’t be concerned about singing. Everyone will be singing along with you and praising your excellent taste in music—and beer—if you just add a touch of southern drawl to that twang.

5 Ode To Beer Hit Country Songs

1. Pretty Good at Drinking Beer

This song, which was written and performed by American country music artist Billy Currington, peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs list in May 2010.

2. Beer in Mexico

The beer song was written, produced, and released in January 2007 by American country music performer Kenny Chesney. It quickly rose to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

3. I Like Beer

This beer song was written by American country music performer Tom T. Hall and published in August 1975. It reached its top position of #4 as a U.S. country music single.

4. Bubbles in My Beer

Since its initial 1947 recording by “Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys,” this western swing tune has been a bar-room staple sung by various country music performers.

5. Drink a Beer

This beer song, which was written and performed by American country music musician Luke Bryan, peaked at number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in November 2013.

Why We Love International Beer Day

1. Another Reason To Drink Beer

Oh, please! Who doesn’t enjoy seeing that today is dedicated to beer when they get up? We freely acknowledge that today’s beer will suffice as justification. But on International Beer Day, knowing that there are millions of beer enthusiasts rubbing shoulders to have a brewski makes us feel like family. Recall to drink sensibly.

2. Memories 

Beer, The preferred alcoholic beverage for generations for gatherings with friends and family, including family reunions and barbecues in the backyard. There is usually a volunteer to deliver the beer. We believe that today is a great day to crack open a cold one and enjoy remembering by toasting those whose memories we love and cherish.

3. A Beer For Every Budget

Regarding your preference for beer, we don’t pass judgment. We’re just glad that there is a beer for any budget to enjoy on International Beer Day, whether you pick up inexpensive macro beers on the way home from work or appreciate craft brews at the taproom.

International Beer Day FAQS

What Are Other Names For Beer?

Beer is frequently referred to by its components, brewing method, or even by regional slang words. Ale, brew, cool pop, hops, lager, malt, oil, stout, and suds are a few of the more popular names for beer.

Is Today International Beer Day?

Quick! Check the calendar, Is today August’s first Friday? It is International Beer Day if that is the case. It’s time to pour a drink.

How Do You Celebrate International Beer Day?

With a glass (or can) of your preferred beer, observe International Beer Day the proper way! There is always a beer for you, whether you want it dark, sour, or even non-alcoholic.

International Beer Day Dates

August 5Friday2022
August 4Friday2023
August 2Friday2024
August 8Friday2025


Celebrating International Beer Day is a fun and enjoyable way to spend your day. You can visit new breweries and try different types of beers or you can also engage in some local traditions. Thanks for reading our website.

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