International Orangutan Day Messages 2022- Quotes, Slogans, Greetings

International Orangutan Day Messages is celebrated on August 19th all over the world. This day is observed to raise awareness of the need to safeguard this rare species. Celebrate this significant day by sending orangutan statuses and greetings to everyone nearby. Make use of the preserve orangutan taglines and phrases to extend well wishes to everyone.

The most recent selection of Happy International Orangutan Day Messages, quotations, and sayings are included in this post and are ideal for sharing on this day.

International Orangutan Day Messages

Happy Orangutan Day to all of you. This day serves as a reminder of our responsibility to safeguard orangutans.

I’d like to wish everyone an International Orangutan Day Messages.

On this day, let us promise to safeguard orangutans and provide for all of their needs.

To all, a happy Orangutan Day. By visiting the zoo and learning more about orangutans and the dangers they face, let’s make today one remember.

By working together, we can create a more secure and comfortable environment for orangutans. Happy and meaningful International Orangutan Day messages, everyone.

International Orangutan Day messages serve as a reminder to us that we cannot allow orangutans to disappear from our earth and that we must act now before it is too late.

The most effective strategy to raise awareness of orangutans is to hold workshops, give talks, and, most importantly, including kids.

It is our job and responsibility to put pressure on the government to implement some stringent and serious measures to save and safeguard the orangutan.

Only two islands and people support orangutans. At the very least, we must defend those two islands.

The term orangutan refers to the forest’s human population, which must now be protected because urban humans were so greedy as to destroy their homes.

The fact that orangutans and humans have approximately 97% of the same DNA should be sufficient justification for saving and protecting orangutans.

If we don’t move quickly, their habitat will be severely damaged, leaving us with little choice but to feel sorry.

If there is anything that people can learn from orangutans, it is how to live in peace and harmony without upsetting others.

The only thing the world has to learn about peaceful coexistence from orangutans is that they are the most tranquil animal.

The palm oil industry has made orangutans a victim, demonstrating once more that humans are always to blame when problems arise for other species.

Deforestation is equivalent to stealing an orangutan’s home, thus people must reconsider what they mean by development.

International Orangutan Day Quotes

“As an orangutan cannot embrace higher mathematics or comprehend the architecture and operation of a computer, we humans __ so good at loudly proclaiming our intelligence”― John Rachel

“The demon cried, waving its furry arms above his head like a demented orangutan.”― Jana Oliver

International Orangutan Day Greetings:

Let’s make a cocommituard all of the remaining orangutans and provide them with the care and respect they require on this International Orangutan Day messages.

Happy International Orangutan Day messages. The greatest way to honor orangutans is to visit the zoo, learn more about them, and work to improve their environment.

Discuss the issues that orangutans are facing with your friends on this day in honor of the orangutan. By making them aware of the issues and how they may contribute to their solution, we can give the orangutans a gift.

Happy International Orangutan Day. Orangutans require our protection just like babies do, and they also depend on us for survival.

Before it’s too late, take meaningful steps to conserve orangutans; if we wait, we’ll only have regrets. And no amount of shame can make them return.

International Orangutan Day messages. The orangutan population has decreased by up to 50% over the past few years; take immediate action before things get out of hand.

There was a need for action. Because of this, a day is set aside to honor orangutans so that people are aware of their plight.

Best Save International Orangutan Day Slogans, Taglines

  • Save the orangutans, please. International Orangutan Day messages.
  • The orangutans require our assistance. Allow us to preserve them.
  • We are responsible for orangutan protection.
  • We can improve the environment for orangutans by working together.
  • It is our duty to save the orangutans.
  • Don’t let our earth lose its orangutan population.
  • For their survival, orangutans depend on us and our assistance.
  • Let’s work together to protect orangutans.
  • It is our duty to save orangutans today.

International Orangutan Day

Every year on August 19th, we celebrate International Orangutan Day to show our support for these amazing primates. This day serves as a reminder for people to safeguard this wonderful animal in the wild.


This year, Earth will celebrate its 19th International Orangutan Day. On this occasion, we hope to raise awareness about their plight and move a new agenda for their conservation in the forests of Sumatra, Borneo, and other southern Asian countries. We encourage everyone to contribute messages in the comments section about what you think can help save them from extinction.

The more shareable your message is, the more likely it is to reach an audience who cares. So what are you waiting for? Everyone can make a difference with just one simple action.

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