International Youth Day 2023 History & How to Celebrate

On August 12, International Youth Day, attention is drawn to the challenges that certain young people are facing around the globe. Childhood poverty is still a major issue worldwide, and between the ages of six and thirteen, 50% of children lack the most basic reading and numeracy skills. The UN established International Youth Day to raise awareness of these problems and aid in the search for solutions. Get involved because today is a day for action and reflection. Check out what’s going on in your neighborhood since there will be many concerts, workshops, and cultural events taking place.

It’s a project that values kids and recognizes the difficulties that today’s emerging youth must overcome. It’s crucial that the youth can access the appropriate resources for education, well-being, healthcare, and other things in order to help eradicate these problems. To assist the youth of the world, Scholar is a platform that has collected scholarships from all around the world.

In order to acknowledge the contributions that young people make to education, community development, environmental groups, and volunteer work for various social projects, the UN established International Youth Day in 2000.

When is International Youth Day 2022?

Our carefree and youthful years don’t endure forever. Unfortunately, many young people around the world struggle and have little access to the necessary tools that could help them have a brighter future. On August 12, International Youth Day, these issues affecting youth are recognized.

History Of International Youth Day

The United Nations General Assembly started making a concentrated attempt to have an impact on young people in 1965. They supported the Declaration on Promoting the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect, and Inter-Peace among Youth. By identifying emerging leaders and providing them with resources to address global concerns, they started committing time and resources to empower the youth.

International Youth Day was established when the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth recommended it to the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999. Since the day was first observed on August 12, 2000, it has served as a platform for social education. Engage young people in politics and oversee resource allocation to deal with world issues.

The day frequently includes important occurrences. You Think organized an international youth conference in 2013 that included many notable speakers and an awards ceremony. The Indian Youth Cafe in Chennai has recently hosted events. The year 2019 had the theme “Transforming Education.”

International Youth Day 2020’s previous year’s topic was “Youth Engagement for Global Action.”

The purpose of this theme was to draw attention to the positive effects that young people’s participation in national and international institutions and processes has on them. Drawing conclusions about how to expand their participation in institutional politics was another crucial goal.

International Youth Day Traditions

The voices of youngsters are heard on International Youth Day. It involves children and strives to take initiative and do things that will provide them with more opportunities.

Depending on where they are in the world, different problems and obstacles to wealth are faced by the young people there. Young people in developed and developing nations are more likely to experience mental and social difficulties, but young people in impoverished nations struggle greatly due to a lack of more fundamental necessities including employment, education, and healthcare.

On the local, institutional, and governmental levels, these problems and difficulties are frequently discussed. On International Youth Day, there are seminars, training sessions, debates, discussion forums, fundraisers, and the distribution of educational materials for informing and raising awareness. It will be simpler to enact policy reforms if the issues that obstruct youth development are well understood.

How To Celebrate International Youth Day?

1. Attend an International Youth Day Event

Participate in a Global Youth Day. Young people’s accomplishments are displayed through parades, sporting events, concerts, and mobile exhibitions. Their talent will bothinspire you and keep you entertained.

2. Lend a Helping Hand

Education is the best gift we can give children. Investigate mentoring initiatives to learn what you can pass on to the next generation. Programs for big brothers and big sisters, music, helping with speech therapy, and more are available.

3. Have an Intergenerational Discussion

Participate in and convene a roundtable discussion with adults and youth. This can happen between students and teachers or between parents and kids. Prepare discussion topics centered on the year’s theme while paying close attention to what the younger generation has to say.

5 Facts about International Youth Day

1. Youth Health

The World Health Organization is creating international guidelines for school-based health.

2. Staying Fit

Children and teenagers should exercise daily for at least an hour.

3. Young Entrepreneurs

Rita Kimani, a 25-year-old Kenyan, co-founded FarmDrive, a platform that connects unbanked and underprivileged smallholder farmers with financing.

4. Childhood Hunger

In the US, 16 million children experience hunger on a yearly basis.

5. Music That Matters

Young Palestine refugees might find encouragement through the songs of Youth Ambassador Mohammed Assaf, a Palestinian refugee.

Why WE Love International Youth Day

1. It Raises Awareness About Poverty

Many kids miss out on a healthy breakfast that would help them concentrate better in class or go to bed hungry every night. 13.1 million children in the United States alone live in food insecure households, which means that neither they nor their families have access to enough nourishing food to live healthy lives. Children around the world have comparable difficulties, and many of them may become caught in a cycle of poverty that is challenging to escape as they mature into adults. We can collaborate more quickly to help solve these problems the more aware we are of them.

2. It Encourages Creative Thinking For A Better Future

The list of achievable goals from International Youth Day inspires others to consider concrete actions they may do to significantly improve the lives of children. The UN has recently placed a major emphasis on decreasing pollution, using local products and services responsibly so they’ll be around for the next generation, and making sure as many people as possible have access to resources. It serves as motivation for all of us to consider effective measures we might take to make these lofty, but achievable, aspirations a reality.

3. It Focuses On Building A Better World For Our Children

International Youth Day accomplishes more than just directly motivating children. It also outlines a list of priorities for concentrating on making real advancements in children’s lives. The UN set fifteen goals, among them lowering HIV/AIDS cases, battling childhood hunger, and expanding educational opportunities.

International Youth Day FAQS

Who started International Youth Day?

In 1999, the UN General Assembly launched it.

What is the purpose of International Youth Day?

to celebrate the accomplishments of young people worldwide while bringing attention to any problems that they might be having.

How Do You Join The UN Youth?

As a youth delegate, send a letter to your country’s foreign minister outlining your accomplishments and asking for more time to discuss them.

International Youth Day Dates

August 12Friday2022
August 12Saturday2023
August 12Monday2024
August 12Tuesday2025
August 12Wednesday2026


Now you know why International Youth Day is such a big deal. This year, we are celebrating it on August 10th. In case you feel like having a party, make sure to invite friends and family for a fun-filled celebration.

We hope that youth around the world will have safe travels, be inspired by their peers’ talents, and work hard towards improving their futures. Happy International Youth Day.

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