NATIONAL BOYFRIEND DAY 2023 – When & How to Celebrate BF Day?

National Boyfriend Day will fall on October 3rd. This Day is Dedicated to the Sweethearts in Our Lives. Boyfriend Day is a Special Time Dedicated to Our Boyfriends. You’re either new in the game or seasoned, and boyfriends bring joy to our lives on a romantic dinner date, nights out, or any adventure trip.

There are no recognized claimants to the day of introduction. The first reference we discovered is Boyfriend Day, which seems to have been held on October 4, 2014. However, by March 2016, over 46,000 tweets had been posted!


Every year on October 3, National Boyfriend Day is observed. Many people also choose to commemorate National Girlfriend Day, which occurs on August 1 every year.


We’re aiming to make the year that National Boyfriend Day becomes a worldwide phenomenon! We were unable to discover any evidence of its existence before the Internet.

Although there is no official source that can be pointed to as the originator of this significant day, someone clever probably came up with it.

The popularity of National Boyfriend Day is growing, not just in the United States but also all around the world. Let’s keep this going so that wonderful boyfriends receive the love and appreciation they deserve on a yearly basis.

How to Celebrate National Boyfriend’s Day

For your partner, do something nice today. Consider all of his favorite things while planning the day. Do some snooping before you begin if you’re unsure.

  • Tell him how important he is to you.
  • Take him on a scavenger hunt, perhaps.
  • Surprise him with a romantic getaway to a location he’s mentioned.
  • Take him to the theater of his choice.
  • Choose a favorite sports team to represent him.

Whatever you decide to do, let him know how grateful you are. Use #NationalBoyfriendDay to tweet about your wonderful guy on social media and tell the world about him!

More Ways to Celebrate National BF Day

There is no better way to celebrate Boyfriend’s Day than by celebrating with your BFF. Here are some fun things you can do: 

1) Draw hearts on each others’ arms or legs as an expression of affection.

2) Get matching tattoos that represent every moment in life together (or apart), like their wedding rings!

3) Send flowers/gifts for no reason at all it doesn’t even need to cost anything since this day isn’t about money anyway;

4 ) Order pizza delivery because who said eating healthy has got to be done whenever there’s company over?

5) Buy a gift for your boyfriend.

6) Cook delicious food for your boyfriend.

7) Make a plan fun date with your boyfriend.

8) You can learn something new together.

9) Send your boyfriend wishes.


Use a Groupon or other deal to save money. You’ll be able to try a new restaurant or one you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. You’ll spend less money while still having a good time!

Make it more appealing by taking a professional photograph of both of you and making it sultry! A selfie can sometimes be insufficient. On the internet, you may still locate fairly priced studio photographers.

Dance the night away to Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” and let your suitor know why you chose him. Then get your groove on.

FAQ About National BF Day

What National Day is National Boyfriend Day?

On October 3rd, National Boyfriend Day is observed in the United States. This day encourages us to pay attention to our sweethearts. Like other family occasions, this day focuses on the boyfriends in our lives. Befrienders have a special significance in our lives, whether they’re new or old.

Is National Boyfriend Day a real holiday?

An unofficial holiday dedicated to celebrating boyfriends.

When was National Girlfriend’s Day?

In 2006, Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers established National Girlfriends Day.

What day is National Relationship Day?

It’s Relationship Day on June 12th. Many stories about national holidays were mentioned on social media that our algorithms detected on the 12th of June.

What do I say to my boyfriend on National Boyfriends Day?

You are the love of my life, and I promise to always adore you as much as I do… Happy Boyfriend Day to you. “I am sending a lot of love and hugs to the one who rules my heart and life on this special day honoring boyfriends.”

Celebrations on October 3

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National Boyfriend Day is a day when you can celebrate your awesome boyfriend, or encourage someone to find their perfect match. It’s also an opportunity for single people to reflect on what they really want in a partner and maybe even take some steps toward finding them!

So go ahead, and wish your significant other a happy national boyfriend day this year with one of these thoughtful gifts that will show how much you care about him/her. And if the two of you are celebrating together be sure to do something special like heading out for dinner at his favorite restaurant or taking her away for the weekend so she can relax and decompress from daily life. You deserve it too!

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