National Crush A Can Day 2023: History, Observance, Activities

Every year on September 27, National Crush a Can Day is celebrated. Recycling is an important topic that we should be teaching our nation and the rest of the world about. Recycling helps to conserve life and our natural resources by reducing waste, lowering carbon emissions, and saving money on this day, which is the perfect time to remind people about it. Let’s join forces and protect the planet!


Recycle more and learn how to assist. Recycle cans that you have lying around. At work, you can start a recycling program. Small-scale programs may be run in the following locations:

Recycling advice may be found at for schools, daycares, and apartment complexes. Use #CrushACanDay to share on social media and start recycling cans.


Napoleon awarded a big prize of 12,000 francs to anybody who could invent a process to preserve perishable food for army and navy use in 1795, which is the beginning of the can’s history. Traditional ways such as salting and drying were used by the ancients centuries before to preserve their food. Nicolas Appert, a French confectioner, and brewer devised an airtight bottle and glass jar preservation method in 1809. In 1810, Peter Durand, a British inventor, and trader patented his own technique of packaging tin-coated iron cans, which he began supplying to the Royal Navy in 1813.

Durand is credited with inventing the contemporary food canning process, whereas Appert’s innovation paved the way for canning. Canned meats, fruits, and vegetables were sold in the United States by Thomas Kensett and Ezra Daggett, who patented the use of tin plates in 1825. By the 1860s, canning had progressed to the point that machines were used, but it wasn’t until 1938 that the first canned soft drink, Clicquot Club ginger ale, hit stores. Previously, in 1963, Reynolds Metals Company produced lightweight, rust-resistant and recyclable aluminum beverage cans to package a diet cola dubbed ‘Slenderella,’ which Coca-Cola and Pepsi promoted.

While recycling was not yet widely practiced in 1904, Chicago had already established the first aluminum can recycling facilities. Recycling steel and aluminum cans grew increasingly popular and widely accepted throughout the country by 1970, the same year that Earth Day was established, particularly with the establishment of nationwide buy-back centers.

Recycling aluminum cans uses 95% less energy and creates 90% fewer greenhouse gases than producing the same can using fresh materials. Therefore, remember to keep our planet litter-free and recycle cans whenever possible!


  1. Recycling cans helps our environment stay cleaner by reducing carbon emissions. Aluminum cans are also recycled, which saves a lot of energy.
  2. It conserves space, saving almost 1 million tons of aluminum from being discarded each year. Recycling aluminum cans helps to minimize trash and the need for dump sites.
  3. Manufacturing metal cans from reused materials take less time and energy than manufacturing them from raw materials. Cans are reused, saving money, energy, and space.


Is today National Kiss Your Crush Day?

On October 19, the world celebrates National Kiss Your Crush Day. On September 27th, we celebrate crushing cans and protecting our precious planet.

What Day is Tell Your Crush Day?

Every May 7th, Tell Your Crush Day occurs. It’s a day to tell that special someone you love how you feel about them. Who knows, maybe you’ll strike it rich.

When is National Crush Day?

On September 27, the world celebrates National Crush Day.


2022September 27Tuesday
2023September 27Wednesday
2024September 27Friday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 27Sunday

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