National Jamaican Patty Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

We write about National Jamaican Patty Day quotes, wishes, greetings and messages that you can share with your friends and family. Every year on the first Saturday in August, National Jamaican Patty Day is celebrated.

National Jamaican Patty Day is coming soon and we have compiled a list of quotes and messages to help get you in the mood. Patty day is a celebration of Jamaican culture that highlights the island’s culinary heritage. Enjoy these inspiring quotes and messages as you prepare to celebrate Patty’s day with your loved ones.

You can remind everyone of this day on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram and tell them to treat their toes in a special way today with the fantastic collection of Happy National Jamaican Patty Day and National Jamaican Patty Day quotes.

National Jamaican Patty Day Quotes

“Patty Day is a day to celebrate all things Jamaican. It’s a day to break out the jerk chicken, some saltfish, and some rice and beans. We like to have patty day celebrations with our family and friends. Patty day is also a day to show our love for Jamaica, its culture, and the people who make it so special.” – Lynnette Anderson

“Patty day is my favorite holiday! I love all things Jamaican food, especially jerk chicken. My mom used to make it for us all the time when I was growing up. Nowadays, I just make sure to get myself some on Patty day!” – Dwayne Dean

“Patty day is a day to celebrate all things Jamaican! The national dish of Jamaica is rice and peas, which is also known as patties. Patties are made from ground maize, rolled in flour, salt, pepper, and oil, then deep-fried. They are usually served with gravy or hollandaise sauce.”

“Patty day is a time for us to come together and enjoy some good ol’ Jamaican grub! Let’s show our love for our homeland by cooking up some patties and celebrating the culture that we know so well!”

“Patty day is a day to celebrate Jamaican food, and to enjoy some delicious patties! It’s also a day to give thanks for all the blessings in life, and to make positive contributions towards the betterment of our community.”

“Patty day is a time for us to come together as one and enjoy some of our favorite Jamaican dishes. Whether we’re eating at home or out at a restaurant, it’s always a good time!”

“Patty day is an opportunity for us to show appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making Jamaican food so tasty. We should also use this day as an excuse to help out our fellow Jamaicans in any way we can!”

Jamaican Patty Messages, Greetings

Patty day is a time to celebrate all things Jamaican. Here are some Patriotic quotes and messages that you can use to show your patriotism on Patty day:

“Jamaica today, tomorrow, and forever!”

“Patty day! Just like momma used to make!”

“No matter what life throws at you, always remember Patty’s day!”

“Happy Patty Day! May the force be with you.”

“There’s nothing like a good Jamaican patty sandwich on a sunny day.”

“Patty day means everyone gets to enjoy some good ole’ Jamaican food!”

– “Patty day is a time to get together with friends and family, have some fun, and eat some delicious patty sandwiches!”

– “Happy Patty Day from all of us at the office! We hope you have a great one!”

– “These are a great snack to snack on while drinking your beverages. They’re so aromatic, that you can practically smell them. On National Jamaican Patty Day, they are referred to as Jamaican Patties and are greeted with warm wishes.”

– “Let’s have a delicious feast with everyone to commemorate National Jamaican Patty Day.”

– “Jamaican patties are the perfect treat to satisfy your appetite, packed with herbs and spices and infused with a lot of meat. Patty Day is a national holiday in Jamaica.”

Jamaican Patty Day Wishes

Happy Jamaican Patty Day! Wishing everyone a delicious day full of love and joy. Here are some wishes to celebrate this special occasion:

– “Patty days always remind me of the good times, with family and friends around just laughing and enjoying life.”

– “Patty days are a time for us to reflect on all the blessings in our lives and eat lots of patties!”

– “It’s always great to enjoy a delicious patty with loved ones!”

– “Patty is one of my favorite foods, I love it with everything!” 

– “Patty day is a day to enjoy yourself with friends and family, as long as you’re eating patty!” 

– “I hope everyone has a great Patty Day! Make sure to savor every bite!”

– “On National Patty Day, I wish everyone a warm welcome. These delicious patties, which are full of meaty goodness, are worth trying.”

– “There is nothing more to ask for today if you are a food lover. On National Patty Day in Jamacan, I wish you a lot of luck.”

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