National Night Out 2022: History & How to Celebrate

Both the United States and Canada observe National Night Out day on the first Tuesday in August, which falls on August 2 this year. Together, the Metropolitan Police Department, organizations, and the general public work to improve relationships across communities and neighborhoods. They see this as a fantastic opportunity to unite everyone behind a worthwhile goal.

History Of National Night Out

Matt Peskin is credited for starting National Night Out Day back in 1970. In the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Peskin often volunteered for the Lower Merion Community Watch program, which collaborated with the Lower Merion Police Department.

Peskin frequently patrolled the neighborhood and soon started publishing a newsletter on neighborhood accomplishments and volunteer activities. At this point, he understood how challenging it was to find fresh content for the newsletter.

When he started asking for assistance from the other villages, he discovered they all had neighborhood watch organizations on the local level but had no ability to communicate with or even recognize other groups. The idea of neighborhood watches first emerged in the United States in the late 1960s.

It was generally agreed that the United States needed neighborhood-specific watch organizations because crime rates during this time period were on the rise. Local organizations have been assisting with safety and security since the National Neighborhood Watch program was established in the 1970s with funding from the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Nearly ten years later, Peskin founded the National Association of Town Watch, his own organization. This organization connected the local town watches, offered them resources, and gave them tools to enable them to continue operating. After three years, we finally had our vacation.

When this occasion arose, Peskin and the National Association of Town Watch had already established a wide network of law enforcement organizations, neighborhood watch groups, civic organizations, state and regional crime prevention organizations, and even volunteers across the United States. 2.5 million neighbors from 400 villages across 23 states attended the first party. Since the Dog Walker Watch has joined our initiative, our canine neighbors are now patrolling and preserving the safety of our neighborhoods alongside people.

Why We Love National Night Out

1. It Helps People Pee Officers in A Better light

The better their relationship gets when cops and law enforcement engage with the public more — a key focus of these events. The two organizations have a great chance to collaborate to prevent crimes here.

2. It Brings Neighborhoods Together

The camaraderie that develops as neighbors gather to celebrate this day is impossible to miss. As a consequence of the festivities that surround this day, people are more likely to get involved in the community and local crime-fighting activities.

This pan-national event connects state and municipal governments across the country. They can readily share their resources, assets, and knowledge via common platforms.

5 Fun Facts About National Night Out

1. Texas Celebrates On A Different Day

Texas celebrates it on the first Tuesday of October, while the rest of the country observes it on August 1st.

2. The Celebrations Vary Wildly

Backyard cookouts, large-scale displays, amusement rides, and even floats are all examples of simple festivities.

3. The Largest Celebration

The South Central Hilltop Block Watch in Columbus is said to have the biggest party, featuring live music, food, and fantastic entertainment, according to multiple websites.

4. The First Celebrations Were Simple

Neighbors sitting in front of their homes with porch lights on was part of the inaugural celebrations.

5. The Popularity is Growing

By 2016, 2.5 million people had participated in the inaugural event, compared to 35 million in 2016. These events were attended by citizens from all over the city.

How to Celebrate National Night Out

1. Attend a National Night Out Celebration

Every year on this day, several states, including Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, and California, hold commemorations. Make sure to go to one of the events listed on and check online news.

2. Volunteer For Various Activities

Finding alternative volunteering possibilities on government websites is another way to help out. Event organizers, social media gurus, and maybe even customer service personnel might be required.

3. Buy Official Merchandise

Several products are available for sale on the official National Night Out website ( Shirts, hats, banners, gifts, and other promotions are now available exclusively for these events. To raise more awareness about this day, grab a few different items and give them out to pals.

National Night Out FAQS

Will National Night Out happen in 2021?

The festivities are on schedule and will take place on August 1st, according to several state sites and the official National Night Out website.

Who ays for National Night Out?

Thanks to a $15,000 gift from the National Crime Prevention Council and a Bureau of Justice Assistance gift, funding for National Night Out has increased significantly from various sources.

What is National Night Out Against Crime?

This is a goodwill-building and long-term relationship-building initiative that aims to bring local people, law enforcement, and the community together. This day also promotes anti-crime activities by encouraging engagement and financing.

National Night Out Dates

August 2Tuesday2022
August 1Tuesday2023
August 6Tuesday2024
August 5Tuesday2025
August 4Tuesday2026


The National Night Out is a great way to interact with your neighborhood and share the news about crime-fighting initiatives. In case you missed it, we also shared some great tips for planning an event in our blog post. Start planning now.

We hope that everyone had fun celebrating together in their community this year.

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