National Taco Day 2023: Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Sayings

Every year on October 4th, the United States observes National Taco Day. On this day in the United States, Tacos Day is observed, whereas, in Mexico, Día del Taco is observed on March 31st. On this occasion, several restaurants offer taco feasts to their customers as a thank you. Nothing beats a drooling fan on National Taco Day than quotes from friends, family, and relatives that commemorate this tasty treat.

We give you quotes, sayings, Instagram Captions, Wishes, and Images from some of the most remarkable Taco Day posts. On Facebook and WhatsApp, send these National Taco Day greetings to your friends.

Happy National Taco Day Wishes & Messages

So long as you have tacos on your plate, every day of your life can be a bit tastier and more fun….. On Taco Day, I wish you the best.

The finest meal on the planet is beans packed with a lot of chilies topped with taco sheets. Your days will be filled with delicious tacos every single day of your life. It’s a happy International Taco Day!

Because tacos are the best thing to eat to make your dull days, delicious days…. I love you as much as I love tacos. On National Taco Day, I wish you a warm meal.

You are definitely missing tacos in your life if you feel that you are living a mundane existence. I hope that you have a wonderful Taco Day and enjoy them every day of your life.

I wish that your family treat you to these amazing delicious tacos, which are a delight for taste buds, on National Taco Day. On International Taco Day, I wish you the best.

National Taco Day Quotes, Sayings and Captions #NationalTacoDay

Tacos have the amazing ability to bring peace to your heart while also causing a grin on your face, therefore if you have tacos in your diet you will undoubtedly have great days. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate world Taco Day.

Tacos rekindle one’s faith in humanity, give one power to continue living, and add flavor to life. On National Taco Day, I wish all tacos a happy birthday and that they will always be there to brighten our days.

I hope you enjoy a wide range of tacos on Taco Day that surprise your taste buds and leave you feeling full….. On World Taco Day, I wish you success. #NationalTacoDay

Tacos are wonderful buddies because they not only taste good but also provide a satisfying supper. On National Taco Day, I wish you the best. #NationalTacoDay

World Taco Day is observed today. The most eagerly awaited moment for taco lovers to try new varieties is…. Bon appetite for the greatest tacos!

National Taco Day Deals and Freebies

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s members will get $5 off any meal kit on International Taco Day. To redeem the offer, members must use the promo code TACODAY23.


On Taco Day, Chuy’s patrons can get a ground beef taco for $1 on any dish.


On Taco Day, members of 7Rewards will receive ten small tacos for only $2 at participating 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes stores.

Chronic Tacos

On International Taco Day, all tacos at Chronic Tacos are $1.

Jack in the Box

On Oct. 4 for International Taco Day, the fast-food restaurant will reintroduce its Monster Taco.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

At several locations across the United States, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is selling tacos for $1.50.

Taco Bell

On Oct. 4, Taco Bell will bring back its taco subscription program, the Taco Lover’s Pass, for just one day. For a flat fee of $10, taco lovers may order one of seven tacos every day for 30 days.

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