National Watermelon Day 2022: Images, Quotes, Messages

Did you know that 92 percent of a watermelon is water? National Watermelon Day makes sense why it’s so reviving. People have enjoyed this sweet, juicy fruit for millennia, and it all began in Ancient Egypt. As early as the second millennium B.C., watermelon farming is supposed to have started in the Nile Valley. Even watermelon seeds were discovered in the tomb of King Tut. On August 3, National Watermelon Day, we enjoy a feast of juicy delicacies to honor this historic berry.

When Is National Watermelon Day

Nothing beats the summertime heat like the most excellent fruit, recognized on August 3 as National Watermelon Day.

History Of National Watermelon Day

We commemorate National Watermelon Day because it deserves its own day due to the juicy, refreshing nature of the fruit. The first known watermelon harvest took place in Egypt about 5,000 years ago, while cultivation of this fruit dates back to 2000 B.C. Watermelons and their seeds have been found in traces on 12th Egyptian Dynasty sites, including King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Ancient Egyptian texts have also been uncovered to contain paintings of several varieties of watermelons.

Over the span of a thousand years of cultivation, the sweet fruit we enjoy today has undergone changes. The Kalahari Desert in Africa has trade routes where watermelon seeds are sold to travelers. From there, watermelon farming spread throughout Africa. The watermelon’s ancestor originated in Africa, and from there it moved to the Mediterranean region and other regions of Europe. Watermelon farming was widespread in China and the rest of Asia by the ninth century’s end.

The term watermelon first appears in the English language in 1615, according to John Mariani’s The Dictionary of American Food and Drink.” Although it is sometimes thought of as a form of melon, the watermelon does not belong to the genus Cucumis. A watermelon’s outer skin is dark green with yellow patches or stripes. In the United States, there are over 300 different types of watermelon that range from red to white and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

National Watermelon Day Wishes Images

National Watermelon Day
National Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day Messages

  • Pick your watermelon when it arrives, cut it into pieces, and then both eat and feed others.
  • People all across the United States of America go bonkers on this day by maximizing their usage of social media platforms to spread their adoration and appreciation for such a beneficial fruit.
  • Join the effort and use the hashtag #NationalWatermelonDay to turn your social media accounts red, red, red with everything you did with watermelons that day.
  • Watermelon is much more than the simple declaration that it is juicy, sweet, and different.
  • For those who believe it is not prudent to limit their daily water intake, there is no better choice than watermelon.
  • In addition, watermelon can be thought of as a supplement for digestion. It has been strongly demonstrated in the field to be worthwhile.
  • It has a modest quantity of fiber, but the water content is essential for a healthy digestive system.
  • It even has numerous additional health advantages, to be precise. It maintains the body hydrated because each bite of this fruit delivers a significant amount of water thanks to its high water content of 92 percent.
  • Watermelon is a great source of numerous minerals and plant components. In terms of calorie count and vitamin content, it is too shallow (lowest, specifically).
  • A fun fact about watermelon is that every component, including the flesh, is edible.
  • It adds an incredible amount of joy to a child’s face. They are the focus of today.
  • The flesh of watermelons is also placed in oil-filled pans where it is fried and pickled. In China, people dry the watermelon seeds, roast them, and then eat them like nuts.
  • The biggest watermelon ever recorded weighs 350.5 pounds, or over 160 kilograms, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

National Watermelon Day Quotes:

The bruise is diffused somewhat, so he doesn’t have a big (welt the size of a watermelon on his knee now. It’s spread up his calf and inner thigh a little bit. He’s sore, but he’s just fine. I feel 100 that he will be OK to make his next start.- Phil Garner.

We always try to do something fun on Fridays. We have snow cones or watermelons. We make it a little different from the normal school year. – Alan Hawkins

About eight of the sides were hits I had over at RCA. Then we recut Keeper of the Stars,’ and I’m From the Country and Watermelon Crawl’ just because they were such big hits from the first of my career.” – Tracy Byrd

If you focus on only the seeds in a watermelon, you missed the sweetness of the meat.” — Wally Amos

A watermelon that breaks open by itself tastes better than one cut with a knife.” — Hualing Nieh Engle

Life is like eating a watermelon. You know you’re going to get some seeds; just spit them out and take another bite.” — Jeff Steinmann

No matter how the watermelon is shaped, you know it is a watermelon from its outward appearance. Similarly–no matter what color or how the person is shaped, you know it is a human being.” — Evelyn Murray Drayton

If people have time and patience, they will be able to count the number of seeds in a watermelon. But not one person can tell you how many watermelons will grow by planting one seed.” — Evelyn Murray Drayton

National Watermelon Day Greetings

Get the watermelon that appeals to you the most by visiting your neighborhood farmer’s market.

Bring it home, invite your neighbors over, slice the melon through, and savor the cool flavor in the sweltering summer.

Whether it is cut into wedges or added to a fruit salad, watermelon has an unparalleled flavor. There is little that can be done to make the flavor disappear from the tongue.

Every year on August 3rd, there is an unofficial celebration to recognize the delectableness of the brilliant red fruit. I hope you have a wonderful watermelon day.

People of all ages regard it as one of their favorite holidays. Both go together, whether it’s a hot summer day of rest or an occasion for a particular cause.

Let’s visit the best watermelon farm on this day to make the most of the fruit. And make the most of the occasion.

Utilize all of your creativity to create a brand-new, never-before-seen watermelon recipe that will leave everyone who tries it speechless at how very enticing it tastes and how much effort it took to create such a wonderful dish out of just watermelon.

Frozen watermelon delicacies, which people rarely consider making, may also be effectively made using watermelon.

The genesis of the holiday is as obscure as the question of whether watermelon is a fruit or a plant, according to experts.

National Watermelon Day FAQS

Why do we celebrate watermelon Day?

As early as the second millennium B.C., watermelon farming is supposed to have started in the Nile Valley. Even watermelon seeds were discovered in the tomb of King Tut! On August 3, National Watermelon Day, we enjoy a feast of juicy delicacies to honor this historic berry.

Is August 3rd watermelon Day?

On August 3, there will be a celebration honoring the cool summer treat that is popular at fairs and picnics. Watermelon is also incredibly satiating in the summer heat because it is made up of 92 percent water.

Is August watermelon month?

National Watermelon Day is on August 3rd. This holiday is one of our favorites this month. For a sweet treat on a hot summer day, watermelon is ideal.


From all that has been discussed, it is clear that watermelon is not just a fruit but rather an amazing gift of nature. It has a long history and an abundance of health benefits. So, this year when you plan to celebrate National Watermelon Day on August 3, don’t forget the special recipe your grandma used to prepare some delicious watermelon recipes. Happy celebrating.

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