Philippines Independence Day 2023 Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

The Philippines Independence Day, also known as Araw ng Kalayaan is an annual holiday celebrated on June 12th. This is a list of the most important dates in Philippine history. On this day in 1898, the United States declared independence from Spanish rule. As a result, Filipinos commemorate it every year on June 12th.

The day is also known as Philippine National Day. To commemorate this momentous day, we’ve gathered some quotes, wishes, and messages to share with our readers. Whether you’re a Filipino living in the diaspora or just a fan of the Philippines, these thoughts will touch your heart. We hope you enjoy them.

Philippines Independence Day

I Wish The People of The Republic of the Philippines a Happy and Prosperous Independence Day on June 12 on behalf of The World People.

In reality, the Philippines celebrates two independence days. On June 12th, one commemorates the end of Spanish rule. The Philippines, however, was occupied by American forces until 1946, when it gained independence on July 12, 1946. On the same day as the United States’ Independence Day.

Philippines Independence Day Quotes

On the occasion of the Philippines Independence Day, we’ve compiled a list of the best Philippines Independence Day Quotes that will make you proud to be a Filipino. Independence Day Quotes, Images, Messages, SMS, Text, SMS, Wishes, Wallpaper, Posters, and Flag from the Philippines.

  • He who does not know how to reflect on his past will never arrive at his destination. —Jose Rizal.
  • I’d rather have a country controlled by Filipinos like hell than a country run by Americans like heaven because, no matter how horrible a Filipino government is, we can always replace it. Manuel L. Quezon.
  • Let us teach our people to be proud to be Filipinos once more. Let us remind them that being a Filipino implies having a rich and noble tradition of language, culture, patriotism, and heroic actions like any other nation on the planet. Let us instill in our children a firm belief in Divine Providence, a strong family structure, unrestricted civil liberties, and the benefits of constitutional government.,the advantages of large and fertile land.—Carlos P. Romulo.
  • Only he is a true patriot who, regardless of his position, high or poor, strives to accomplish the most benefit for his compatriots. Apolinario Mabini. 
  • I want to demonstrate to those who deny people the right to love their nation that when we know how to give ourselves for our duties and values, death doesn’t matter if we die for those we love—for our country and for individuals close to us.—Jose Rizal. 
  • The well-being of the common man is the nation’s strength.—Diosdado Macapagal, President of the Philippines.
  • To die for one’s nation is a great honor. That opportunity is not available to everyone. José Abad Santos. 
  • I’ve carefully considered the Filipino’s merits and flaws, and I’ve arrived at the decision that he’s worth dying for.  —Benigno Aquino, Jr.
  • A feeling of history nourishes nationalism.  It is essential to have a deep understanding of the past in order to be in perfect openness with the men who shaped history and in personal communion with their thoughts, acts, and great lives. —Claro Recto, Jr.
  • This country reminds me of a pyramid or a skyscraper. It consists of millions of stones.  The common guy is the foundation stone of this pyramid. —Ramon Magsaysay.
  • You might question why I, who have served you in the sphere of diplomacy, place such a high value on nationalism’s force. This is because I know from personal experience that one needs to strive to be a good nationalist in order to be a successful internationalist. To be a legitimate international citizen, one must first demonstrate that he is a good Filipino. —Romulo, Carlos P.
  • In my own way, I’ve always battled for my country, demonstrating that Filipinos are powerful people who can achieve anything they set their minds to. Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino boxer who has won a number of fights.
  • I can easily travel to America, or I can easily travel to Europe with pals.  The Philippines, on the other hand, is the place for me. There is a struggle. I’m not going to be able to ignore it. It entails a certain amount of responsibility.  —David Diaz.  
  • My integrity is the only thing I can truly offer the Filipino people.—Corazon Aquino, President of the Philippine.
  • How can you just turn your back on being a Filipino when it’s in your DNA?— Lea Salonga.

Philippines Independence Day Sayings

We’ve compiled a list of Presidents of the Philippine’s Independence Day quotes.

  • The significant burden of Independence Day is that membership in the community of free nations can only be maintained by strict devotion to the fundamental necessity of self-help rooted in self-respect. To begin with and do less is to cast doubt on our ability and void our entitlement to the position and dignity of freedom. Manuel A. Roxas is a Filipino politician.
  • Now, ten years later, let us take a look back at our journey. Let’s take a look at where we are now. What have we done with the independence we yearned for so long? Let’s take a good, hard look at the facts. I’ll let you know how I feel about it. I can tell you that I am proud of my race, proud of my generation, and proud of the nation we built in such a short period of time and against such formidable circumstances. Ramon Magsaysay.
  • I’ll close with a proud assertion of the truth: the Philippines is inextricably a place of freedom. The Filipino’s most distinguishing characteristic is their devotion to liberty. — Diosdado Macapagal, President of the Philippines (1964)
  • The only way to reform governance is to eliminate corruption from our public life. We won’t be able to achieve peace and stability unless we eliminate crime and revolt. Ramos, Fidel V.

Philippines Independence Day SMS

  • In the Philippines, patriotism is easy to comprehend. It entails looking after yourself while also looking after your country. Happy Fourth of July.
  • Freedom in our thoughts, words, and hearts, pride in our souls, and salute to our country. Happy Philippines Independence Day.
  • To all of my countrymen and ladies, I wish you a happy Independence Day. We may not be the best, but we are the most wonderful people on the planet.
  • Allow for the honoring of all patriots; don’t let politics get in the way. Without them, freedom would have died; we would never be able to compensate them for what they have done. Happy Fourth of July.

Philippines Independence Day Messages and Status

You can use those Independence Day Philippines statuses & Messages to share about the Philippines National Day on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

  • Happy Fourth of July. And may God bless each and every one of our service members… May you all arrive at your destination safely.
  • Happy Philippine Independence Day. The United States of America is the home of the free and the courageous.
  • Happy Fourth of July. Those of you who have the freedom to be and express yourself, use it freely and passionately, and never take it for granted.
  • I wish you a Happy Independence Day with a true national spirit of courage, honesty, sacrifice, liberty, and independence.
  • God bless the Philippines’ people, their courage, and their freedom. I wish you a happy Fourth of July.
  • Let us rejoice and celebrate our joy together. Let us salute all those courageous men and women who battled for our country this June 12th. Have a wonderful Fourth of July.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Philippines Independence Day?

The Philippines Independence Day is June 12, Sunday 2022. The source of information for this fact is the Philippines national day calendar.

What are the preparations for the Philippines Independence Day?

The preparations consist of: For the first year, there will be no national moment at all. The Philippine Air Force Monument to Peace in Rizal Park will lead off with a program featuring airs Battle Honors performed by aircraft and helicopter.

The preparations for the Philippines Independence Day are being made by the Philippine National Police, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

What is the history of the Philippine’s Independence Day?

The Philippines Independence Day is a day recognized as the national day of the Philippines. It is celebrated on June 12th every year. The date of independence was July 4th, 1898, but since then the national day has been celebrated on the last Monday of June each year.


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