National Purple Heart Day 2022: History & How to Observe

August 7 is Purple Heart Day, a day designed to help others. On this day, Americans respect and remember the men and women who heroically served their country and lost their lives in the line of duty. On this day, we honor them and their sacrifice by giving them Purple Heart decorations in the President’s name. As well as several sports and entertainment organizations, some states, counties, and cities pause in recognition. Meetings for remembering are also held by veteran and military organizations. Join us as we pay tribute to individuals who have received a Purple Heart.

History of Purple Heart Day

In 1782, George Washington presented the first Purple Heart, which is now a Badge of Merit. The prize was a way to recognize enlisted and deserving individuals during a time when the Continental Army was short on cash. Soldiers who have performed any uniquely meritorious action are given the accolade. It was made using a silk piece that was bound through it with a delicate silver edge. Washington only distributed three of the badges personally, allowing his deputies to do so as they saw fit.

The Purple Heart was introduced in 1932 after the Badge of Merit had fallen out of favor. This version of the Purple Heart highlighted valorous deeds in addition to paying tribute to soldiers who were hurt during battle. The Purple Heart was given its current purpose, primarily to honor individuals who have been injured or killed, when the policy was slightly modified in 1944.

General Douglas MacArthur received the current Purple Heart for the first time in recognition of his World War II service in the Pacific region. Over the years, 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been given out in total.

Since its inception in 2014, Purple Heart Day has been celebrated annually. It’s an opportunity to remember the courage of those who have fought for the United States and to make sure that it is never forgotten.

How To Observe Purple Heart Day

1. Donate To The MOPH

Giving to the Military Order of the Purple Heart is ideal right now. By providing assistance to those who carried the burden of battle, you may show your respect. Purchasing a purple heart is another way to help injured veterans.

2. Use #PurpleHeartDay Online

Share their story with #PurpleHeartDay on Twitter and Instagram if they served for the United States and have a Purple Heart.

3. Learn More About the Military

Learn about the military and what it does. For more information on why the Purple Heart awards are so significant, read the accounts of those who have experienced combat.

5 Facts About Purple Heart Day

1. Ladies And Gentlemen…

For her work on Pearl Harbor, female lieutenant Annie G. Fox was awarded the Purple Heart during World War II.

2. Join The Club

The MOPH currently has 45,000 members in total.

3. A Million Hearts

Since 1932, 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded.

4. Pawn-Ple

An unknown Michigan soldier who served in Afghanistan sold his purple heart as collateral for money.

5. Whose in?

There is no longer a complete list of those who received Purple Hearts.

Why Purple Heart Day Is Important

1. The History

It’s critical to keep in mind our past and how we got to where we are today. Purple Heart Day gives us the chance to pause and think back on all that has come before.

2. It Recognizes Sacrifice

The Purple Heart honors warriors who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country by recognizing their bravery. These valiant heroes merit being remembered all of the time.

3. Nobody Is Forgotten

This day honors those Americans who have ever lost their lives or suffered injuries while serving the country. It implies that no one is overlooked and that the memory endures.

Purple Heart Day FAQS

What Purple Heart means?

A Purple Heart is an honor that denotes a military member who has made the ultimate sacrifice or paid the ultimate price while performing their job.

Why is the Purple Heart purple?

The hue is intended to stand for boldness. The oldest military medal still given to service members is the Purple Heart. “A figure of a heart in purple cloth or silk bordered with narrow lace or binding” was always the intended design of the trophy.

Is there a list of Purple Heart recipients?

There is no list of all recipients’ names that are currently known to exist.

How much is a purple heart worth?

At a military base, Purple Hearts cost $30 each. Actually, they are intended for recipients who are just seeking a replacement, although vendors rarely request eligibility documentation.

When was National Purple Heart Day first observed?

It was first noted in 2014.

Purple Heart Day Dates

August 7Sunday2022
August 7Monday2023
August 7Wednesday2024
August 7Thursday2025
August 7Friday2026


The day is here and you know what that means? It’s time to honor the sacrifice of all those brave men who received this honor. Honor them by wearing purple shoes today. Thanks for reading our Website.

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