When is National Girlfriend Day 2023?

National Girlfriend Day is coming up in 2023, but do you know when and how to celebrate? The day’s history can be traced back to the 1800s when women were seeking equality. National Girlfriend Day was created as a way for people to show their appreciation for all of the girlfriends they have in their lives. On this special day, it is customary to send thank you cards, flowers, or gifts with heartfelt messages that express gratitude. These are just some ideas on what you can do!

Today is Happy National Girlfriend Day, which happens on August 1 every year.

On National Girlfriend Day, spend time sharing stories about your ex-boyfriends, current ones, and future ones. Talk about your aspirations and goals in a secure atmosphere with the ladies of the circle of sisterhood.

When is National Girlfriend Day 2023?

Every year on August 1st, national gf day is observed across the world.

What Day is National Girlfriend Day?

It’s not known who started National Girlfriend Day on August 1, although it appears to have been inspired by Mistress Susan, the owner of a high-end internet site. She claims she created and promoted the date in 2004 as a means for female friends to show their appreciation to one another.

The history of girl friendships and gal pals goes back much further than the day itself. For a lengthy time, females have been friends; there is no way we can go all the way back to the first female buddies, therefore instead, some of today’s more notable gal pals will be mentioned.

In the 1860s, seven female friends in Edinburgh fought to become the first women to study medicine in the United Kingdom. Despite studying medicine at Edinburgh University, they were prevented from receiving their degrees and practicing medicine. The Scottish women’s rights movement attracted international attention in the early years of the twentieth century when it was part of a worldwide social upheaval. The Edinburgh Seven paved the way for female physicians in future decades.

Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were becoming acquainted at about this time, and their friendship would become revolutionary. The two women were the brains behind the women’s rights movement in the United States, as well as the pioneers who pushed for white female suffrage. The pair first met in 1851, and they organized the National Woman Suffrage Association two years later.

On a more athletic note, we’d like to commend The Rockford Peaches, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s founding members in the 1940s, for their accomplishments.

Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe are two of our favorite friendship tales. With Monroe, she claims, Fitzgerald gained her big break. In 1955, Monroe tried to secure a performance at the Mocambo in Hollywood but was denied because she lacked “sex appeal.” The manager called Monroe and promised her front-row seats every night if Fitzgerald got the position, which would bring in the press and people that the manager wanted. “After that, I didn’t have to play a little jazz club again,” Fitzgerald remarked much later.

Even the most fierce of rivals can be close friends, as demonstrated by Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert in recent years. During the 1970s and 1980s, the two engaged in an epic 61 tennis tournament finals, but they were also good pals off-court and would frequently travel to tournaments together and hang out before matches.

Gal pals are always there for each other and have a long history of fighting against the grain to achieve great things together. On National Girlfriend Day, make time to let your girlfriends know how much you value them.

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day 2023?

Happy National Girlfriend Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than to spend it with your woman? Make sure you take some time for each other on national gf day. Plan a romantic evening out at the movies or plan an activity according to the date where both of y’all can relax in pampering sessions (massage!) without any distractions from electronics! Just because we recognize this special occasion doesn’t mean men should be left out; instead, give them gifts too such as scented lotions so they smell like their favorite cologne/perfume combo every time.

Facts About International National GFS Day

The following is some useful information about National Girlfriends Day that you should tell others:

  • According to an article published in Psychology Today, women’s friendships are founded on feelings and emotions, while men’s friendships are based simply on transnational friendships.
  • Women are more inclined than men to maintain in touch and spend time together.
  • According to a study by UCLA scientists, the presence of strong friendships between women may help to relieve tension.
  • Spending time with other women may help a stressed woman relax. This causes the hormone oxytocin to be released, which reduces stress and induces calm.

Why We Love National Girlfriend Day

They’ve been by our side through the best and worst of times.

Whatever it is that life does to us, whether we are experiencing the best or worst of times, they are always there to offer perspective, celebrate our assets, and offer unconditional love.

These desserts are excellent dessert buddies.

Whether you’re craving sweets or are going through a difficult break-up, there’s no better individual to demolish an ice cream cone with.

They know how to have a good time.

A night out with your ladies is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Because they are more familiar with you than anybody else, they know exactly what you need to have a good time. You can always rely on them to turn up the heat in any situation!


To celebrate National Girlfriend Day, we recommend you take your favorite girlfriend out for a high-quality meal and show her how much she means to you. If you want to do something more low-key with the ladies in your life, try hosting an intimate gathering at home or going bowling together! Either way, just make sure that this is a happy day spent celebrating all of the friendships women have made possible through their love and support. What are some ways that you plan on celebrating National Girlfriend Day?

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