WORLD PHOTO DAY 2022: History, How to Observe

World Photo Day is a day to celebrate the power of photography and to identify the social and environmental benefits of photojournalism. It’s a day to raise awareness about the importance of images and how they can be used to document, educate, and promote social change. We’ve gathered some inspiring examples of how photography has been used to advocate for human rights, highlight environmental degradation, and document natural disasters. So whether you’re a photographer yourself, or just appreciate good photography, take a moment today to think about what images can do for society.


On November 18, 1787, Louis Daguerre was born in Cormeilles-en-Paris, France. He was raised in a middle-class household during the turmoil of the French Revolution, a period of intense political upheaval. Due to King Louis XVI’s disastrous economic policies, the revolution pitted the common people against the bourgeoisie. The ruling class desired to maintain the feudal system, while the impoverished wanted to raise their level of living. These occurrences frequently have an impact on the arts because they motivate artists to produce pieces that reflect the time period; for young Daguerre, that meant drawing.

In 1800, Daguerre was a natural artist who, despite his incomplete formal education, apprenticed himself to an architect at the age of 13 to get firsthand experience with the art and science of building design. His notion of the construction of items was so laid out. Four years later, Daguerre relocated to Paris to further his studies and train as a scene painter for opera.

Early in the 1820s, Daguerre achieved a breakthrough. The diorama was a creation of his and another colleague that consisted of enormous, translucent paintings that were illuminated to imitate movement and other effects. Crowds would throng to view magnificent displays of landscapes and colors, but in the following decade, he encountered financial difficulties and went bankrupt due to the

Daguerre was acquainted with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who in 1825 created the first ever permanent photograph, which he used as an element in his dioramas. After Niépce’s death in 1833, Daguerre carried on with his dioramas and photography experiments. He created the daguerreotype method by fusing chemicals and silver plates, and he patented it in 1839 as a “gift to the world.”

After this audacious partnership, photography kept developing and capturing life’s moments. In order to encourage individuals to take images that have personal significance for them, professional photographer Korske Ara launched World Photo Day in 2010.


Photography is an art form
Photography is more than just pointing and clicking. There are many aspects of photography that shouldn’t be ignored. To conjure a truly moving work of art, the background, the flash, the color, the shutter speed, and more all need to come together exactly so. taking the time to sincerely thank everyone who has dedicated their lives to this craft.

Photography technology
Although digital cameras on our smartphones are already commonplace, we shouldn’t take them for granted. When something is easily accessible, we overlook the labor-intensive process that went into creating it. Because of how quickly technology has developed, we require prompts to slow down.

Appreciate life
A talented photographer can make the ordinary look extraordinary. Depending on the photographer’s viewpoint, common objects might take on a deeper meaning. Today is a day to give thanks to everyone who appreciates the beauty in the mundane.

A Modern Innovation

Although photography is a relatively recent invention, the human impulse to preserve special moments and memories so that we can share them with others goes back as far as recorded human history. The invention of the camera obscura led to one of the first attempts to document events. It is an apparatus with a hole through which light can enter and produce an image of the exterior scene that is inverted. The oldest accounts of camera obscura date back to 400 BCE in China. It has long been known that they have been used as a means of recreating events – artists would draw or trace the image in order to remember it.

When people discovered a means to use chemicals that responded to light to permanently record a scene on a surface in the early 1900s, photography as we know it today did not exist. The first known image was captured in 1826 or 1827. French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took it. A view of Niépce’s estate in Burgundy, France is captured in the image.

A Hobby of Many

The 20th century saw numerous technological advancements in cameras and photography. Due to the accessibility of low-cost, high-quality digital cameras, many people now enjoy taking pictures.


World Photography Day is a simple occasion to observe, regardless of whether you are an amateur, a professional, or someone who spends most of their day capturing phone photos and sharing them with their social media followers. You can take pleasure in the following today:

  • Read up on and learn more about the background science and history of photography.
  • Maybe now is the perfect moment to start taking photography lessons if you’ve always wanted to learn.
  • Why not donate your time to teach people your profession and trade if you are a photographer?

Take a photo of your world
The goal of World Photo Day is to document your surroundings. Think carefully about what best describes your world for a while. It can be something you made with your own two hands or the affection you have for your pet. Don’t be scared to color outside the lines because art is subjective.

Learn about a famous photographer
There are countless photographers who have created some of the most stunning pictures ever. Robert Frank, Dorothea Lange, and Richard Avedon are just a few of the names that have demonstrated their excellent photographic skills. Look up a photographer whose work inspires you and get to know their style.

Social media blitz
If you’re more of a photo enthusiast, you may look for the hashtag #WorldPhotoDay to see the pictures that people all across the world have taken. Share and thank the photographer for any moving images you come across. It will undoubtedly make their day better.


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Well, this was our blog on World Photo Day. In case you didn’t know, it is a day to celebrate the power and beauty of photography with other photographers all around the globe. Don’t forget to share your work on social media by tagging #WorldPhotoDay. In case you missed it last year, we also organized an amazing contest for all participants! Click here to register now. We are waiting for your entries.

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