World Porridge Day Wishes, Captions, Messages, Quotes 2023

We’re thrilled to learn more about the significance and importance of World Porridge Day on October 10th. Did you know that Mattew Cox, an American, won the golden spurtle at the World Porridge Championship on the same day as World Porridge Day? Porridge enthusiasts will be thrilled today.

Here is the latest set of Happy National Porridge Day wishes, messages, quotes, and Instagram Captions to share on social media.

In 2009, the inaugural day of this event took place. The event was created to raise money for Mary’s Meals, a British charity headquartered in Argyll that provides food to malnourished youngsters in developing nations.

Because porridge is both cheap and nutritious, it may be used as a medium to help solve the global hunger crisis, which affects huge swaths of least-developed countries today.

World Porridge Day Wishes, Messages, and Greetings

My dearest wishes to you on Happy Porridge Day. Ensure that you eat this nutritious and balanced diet every day while eating.

Porridge has the benefit of being able to prepare the way you want, as there are no restrictions on this excellent meal. The day after tomorrow is Happy World Porridge Day!

May you have a wonderful World Porridge Day. This meal has something so special and delicious about it that you can’t say no to it.

Make this day a wonderful one by preparing a delicious and satisfying porridge for everyone to enjoy. On World Porridge Day, I wish you warm wishes.

Because of its tremendous health advantages, porridge has long been a favorite morning meal across the globe. Have a Happy Porridge Day.

If you don’t like porridge as a meal, then you aren’t doing it justice on the occasion of International Porridge Day.

On Global Porridge Day, I wish you and your family a warm welcome. Make yourself a hot bowl of porridge and eat it all up.

World Porridge Day Quotes

“Porridge fills the Englishman up, and prunes clear him out.” – E M FORSTER
“The food that’s never let me down in life porridge.”– MARIANNE FAITHFULL
“The gigantic slime mold recently bred by scientists at Bonn.”– NEAL ASCHERSON
“Your date is better in your pie and your porridge than in your cheek.”– WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
“Paris isn’t porridge place, but I can buy it in London when I’m there and bring it back with me.”– MARIANNE FAITHFULL
“English stupidity is an organism so primitive that it is apparently impossible to kill off.”– NEAL ASCHERSON


Starting your day with a bowl of porridge is a fantastic idea. For a delicious surprise, try a new porridge recipe.

The purpose of World Porridge Day is to generate awareness for raising funds to provide food to youngsters in less developed nations. Donate money today.

You may actively participate in discussions, both offline and online, to raise awareness about the problem of malnutrition among children in developing nations on World Porridge Day.

EventWorld Porridge Day
DateOctober 10
SignificanceThis day promotes Porridge and healthy eating habits
Observed byWorld wide


When is World Porridge Day celebrated? 

On October 10th, the world celebrates World Porridge Day.

Who created porridge?

Hunter-gatherers in Southern Italy were the first to make porridge, but by the end of the Stone Age, it had become common.

Is porridge the same as oatmeal?

Porridge can be made from oats. Grain and vegetables are combined to make porridge, which is a hot meal.

Why is porridge popular in Scotland?

Since the Middle Ages, oats have been a regular part of Scottish diets. The popularity of Scottish Worlds was aided by climatic conditions, which favored the development of crops such as oats.

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