World Rivers Day 2023: Quote, Theme, Messages, Wishes

Every fourth Sunday in September, World Rivers Day is celebrated, with the goal of raising awareness about river preservation. It takes place on September 24th this year.

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As recent research has shown concern over river depletion all around the globe due to a variety of human actions, this day is meant to raise awareness concerning river conservation.

Since rivers are regarded as the lifeblood of our planet, and our lives depend on them for many of our daily needs, this is a very important problem. Rivers play a significant role in our society, including drinking water, producing electricity, and transportation.

World Rivers Day Greeting Messages, Rivers Day Wishes, Whatsapp Status

“God created rivers with the intention of giving mankind life and keeping them alive, cared for.” On World Rivers Day, we wish you a warm welcome.

“The day of World Rivers Day serves as a reminder that it is us, and we alone, who have the obligation to preserve rivers. It’s a happy day to commemorate World Rivers Day.”

“Warmest wishes on World Rivers Day to you….” Rivers are both our present and our destiny…. Save yourselves before it’s too late.

“Rivers are our lifelines, giving us life, giving us a reason to live, and they must be protected.” Have a nice World Rivers Day!

“It’s impossible to do what one river can do alone the world ocean.” For a better life, rivers must be preserved and protected. It’s Global Rivers Day, and it’s a good day.

Slogans on Save River

“Rivers are the lifelines for us, save them!!!”

“Save river to save mankind, to save life.”

“Without rivers, we cannot survive in this world.”

“Rivers give us life, they help us prosper and flourish.”

“Without rivers, the life on earth is not possible for humans.”

“Rivers inspire us and we must save them.”

Beautiful River Quotes and River Sayings

The river is a source of wonder and delight. It has the ability to create life, nourish people, and assist everyone in reaching their full potential. On this joyous occasion, let’s celebrate World Rivers Day.

“God has entrusted the River to us like a precious gift.” We must collaborate to keep this gem, which is the reason we are here, safe.

“Every year, the joyous occasion of World Rivers Day arrives to remind us that we must preserve our rivers since they provide us life.”

“Rivers are the ones that create civilizations, nourish and raise them,” says Mr. Rivers. Worship them, admire them, and preserve them!!!

“Save rivers is the tiniest of efforts, but it can have a significant impact.” Let’s protect the lovely rivers for a lovely tomorrow!

History of World Rivers Day:

Because many human civilizations around the world began in river valleys, rivers have played a significant part from the beginning of human civilization, including the Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, Egyptian civilization on the Nile River, and Chinese civilization on the Yellow River. In the evolution of human civilization, rivers have had a significant role.

We are still too reliant on our rivers for everything, and without them, the world would be a dry desert as a consequence. Despite this, we are facing numerous climate change issues as a result of industrial activities and the chronic overuse of our river resources. If we continue to plunder our rivers like this, it may have catastrophic consequences.

Mark Angelo, a well-known river conservationist, approached the UN in 2005 as part of its Water for Life campaign, which aims to raise awareness about at-risk water resources around the globe. Only Angelo, for the first time, called for an annual World Rivers Day to raise awareness among the general public of this cause.

The inaugural World Rivers Day was held in 2005, and all climate change activists demonstrated their support by organizing the inaugural World Rivers Day event. Nowadays, people across the globe commemorate World Rivers Day, demonstrating to the community and society at large how they may minimize the threats to dwindling rivers.

Importance of World Rivers Day:

The importance of clean freshwater has been crucial in the fight against COVID-19, according to Mark Angelo, creator of World Rivers Day. Millions of people across the globe come together on World Rivers Day to commemorate the importance of healthy thriving waterways, and it is a timely opportunity.

The water cycle includes rivers. Precipitation, surface runoff, and other sources such as groundwater recharge, springs, and the discharge of stored water in natural ice and snowpacks all contribute to the collection of water in rivers. Despite making only about 0.1% of the entire earth’s landmass, they are often regarded as important features within a landscape.

Rivers are used today or were in the past as borders, a defensive measure, a source of hydropower to drive machinery, a means of disposing of waste, and a source of water for obtaining food in most major cities around the world. They had a significant influence on the development of human communities across the globe.

The greatest hazards and concerns for rivers are man-made factors such as overfishing and pollution, which are depleting the rivers’ ecological life and drying them up. Because of plastic’s durability in the natural environment, it poses threats to aquatic life and river ecosystems. As a result, people all over the globe are encouraged to stop doing such things and to take action against those who are doing so before it is too late.

World Rivers Day Theme:

A specific topic is chosen for it every year on the occasion of World Rivers Day, which focuses on one primary concern that must be resolved and is very important.

The theme for World Rivers Day 2023 is “Rights of Rivers,”

FAQs on World Rivers Day:

1. When is World Rivers Day is observed? 

Every fourth Sunday of September is observed as World Rivers Day.

2. Which is the longest river in the world? 

With a length of 6,650 kilometers, the Nile is the world’s longest river.

3. How many rivers are there in the world? 

Around 165 large rivers exist across the globe.

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