Bastille Day 2022-Le 14 juillet, la Fête Nationale Française

The National Holiday on July 14 is also known as “Bastille Day” in English-speaking countries. We rejoice greatly around the world on July 14th, also known as the “day of the great national feast.” Millions of people participate in what is become a global holiday. The Great National Holiday in French is formally known as le a de feu, although it is also commonly and legally referred to as the July (the night of the joust).

The fourteenth of July is also known as Le 14 Juillet or the Juliette. They don’t celebrate the festival with any traditional French cuisine, and they wouldn’t eat anything cheap either. There was a large gathering of friends and relatives, and expensive food and designer clothing were not permitted. All Parisians, whether wealthy or not, young or old, wore white clothing and jousting equipment on this particular day.

The Original Bastille Day

The French people were getting ready for a revolution in 1789 because they were sick of having a ruler in charge of everything. There were complaints about how horrible things were all around France. Two major complaints were that there wasn’t enough food for everyone and that the king had raised taxes significantly to assist pay off his obligations. The populace was prepared to struggle for a more democratic type of governance.

King Louis XVI, who refused to cede control to the populace, was in charge of the French army. The only weapons available to the folk were pitchforks and rakes. The general populace saw they could not defeat the French army in this manner! Therefore, when they learned that the Bastille, an old jail in Paris, contained gunpowder, they made the decision to attack it.

On July 14, 1789, the common people captured the gunpowder from the Bastille prison’s guards. Additionally, they came upon some captives and released them. Even some army personnel joined the revolutionaries and assisted them in capturing the Bastille. Everyone in France realized after the Bastille prison siege that the people were a powerful force that needed to be taken seriously.

Bastille Day Traditions

Recall your most recent July Fourth event. It was probably comparable to how Marie and other French people celebrate Bastille Day. The blue, white, and red colors of the French flag are worn by Marie’s relatives and friends as they congregate. There are flags flying everywhere for Marie and her family.

14 Juillet

Due to the COVID-19 Situation, the 14 Juillet Parade will take place from 10 am to 12. It is confirmed that there would be close to 5000 participants and 25,000 spectators. On this day, “Le Quatorze Juillet,” French culture is honored.

La fête Nationale, often known as Le Quatorze July, is the French language’s national holiday. Bastille Day is only observed by English Speakers. A French friend might not comprehend what you mean if you say “Basile Day.”

Fête Nationale Française Wishes, Messages, Greeting

“Good National Day! We are happy to be French citizens. Let’s give our nation a new identity and let the world know who we are.

“Le Fourth of July! Cheers to July 14th! All of us adore you, France.

“By working together, we can defeat our greatest foe. Make our nation proud of us by doing so. Happy National Fete!

To show the world how proud we are, let’s fly the national flag high and raise our heads. Juliet’s 14th birthday celebration!

Happy National Day of France, everyone. May we all work to preserve the worth of our country.

Let’s elevate France to the top spot on the global map. Happy National Holiday.

Happy National Day of France! Let’s make the most of today.

Happy National Fete!

14 Juillet Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greeting

Although everyone can break a bundle of thin wooden sticks, it is difficult. This is the power of cooperation. Happy Fourth of July to all of you.

Good deeds produce good deeds. The same thing led to the French Revolution. Let’s always stand together. Happy National Fete!

Like birds that soar through the open sky, let’s raise our heads high. From France, happy birthday. Happy National Fete!

The splendor of Bastille Day and the French Revolution is immeasurable. Let’s honor genuine leaders. Happy National Fete!

How would the world have known about romance and love if France had not existed? My dear France. Good National Fete.

The official commemoration of the founding of Paris, the national patron saint of France, is known as Le Juillet. It is a recognized holiday in France, and the populace parades through the streets to commemorate it with considerable fanfare.

Bastille Day French Vocabulary

  • Le quatorze juillet – le katorze jwee yeah
  • La Fête Nationale – National day
  • Joyeux 14 juillet – have a good national day
  • Bonne fête nationale – have a good national day

Bastille Day Date

2022Thu14 Jul
2023Fri14 Jul
2024Sun14 Jul
2025Mon14 Jul
2026Tue14 Jul
2027Wed14 Jul

Final Word

Bastille Day is an exciting day that marks the end of the French Revolution. It’s also a day to remember all the great things the French have achieved over the years. In this blog, we’ve compiled some interesting facts and information about this historical event. We hope you enjoy reading it and that you get to experience some of the wonderful memories associated with Bastille Day.

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