British Columbia Day 2022: History & How to Celebrate

The first Monday in August, known as British Columbia Day in Canada, is a day set aside for locals to commemorate their ancestry. The same day is celebrated in various Canadian provinces under names specific to those regions, such as George Hamilton Day in Hamilton, Ontario, and Saskatchewan Day in the province of the same name.

James Douglas’ discovery of the southernmost point of Vancouver Island, which is now the location of the city of Victoria, and the British government’s subsequent proclamation that the area would become the colony known as British Columbia are commemorated on British Columbia Day. Other provinces similarly concentrate on their unique cultural, historical, and political developments.

The day is celebrated across Canada with parades, festivals, and other public events, many of which have a theme. The Anime Revolution, the Vancouver Pride Parade, and the Powell Street Festival are just a few of British Columbia’s annual events (a celebration of Asian-Canadian heritage).

History OF British Columbia Day

Even though British Columbia Day (or its counterpart in their region) is not a federal government holiday in Canada like Christmas or Good Friday (though it was acknowledged as legal in 1996), the majority of Canadians do have the day off from work. The Ontario government dubbed the first Monday in August Simcoe Day in 1969 in honor of anti-slavery activist John Graves Simcoe, sowing the seeds for the customary observance to become a legal holiday. Soon after (1974 in British Columbia), other territorial governments agreed to celebrate their good past in public after hearing arguments from well-known politicians.

The term stat (statutory holiday) or public is frequently used in Canada to refer to holidays that vary in legal significance from one region and one municipality to another. However, despite the fact that British Columbia Day falls in the middle of the summer, not many Canadians complain about the opportunity to schedule a long weekend and enjoy British Columbia Day as a family.

Is British Columbia Day in Canada a Public Holiday?

According to Holidays, British Columbia Day has been designated as a public holiday in the province. The event takes place on August’s first Monday. On this day, all offices, retail outlets, and shops are closed along with all schools and universities. Additionally, public transportation does not operate on its regular schedule and works fewer hours.

British Columbia Day Holiday History in Canada

On August 1, 2022, several Canadian provinces observe Civic Day, but British Columbia Day honors the past of the province. On this long weekend, people unwind and celebrate both their individual and collective accomplishments. Every celebration must include a discussion of British Columbia’s past.

Why WE Love British Columbia Day

1. It’s at The Height of summer

The best time to take in British Columbia’s breathtaking magnificence, from rocky coasts to picturesque mountain hiking paths, is during the summer. Given that British Columbia Day falls right in the heart of summer, you can always arrange an exciting weekend trip.

2. It Celebrates The Diverse Population of British Columbia

British Columbia is a melting pot of cultures, and the occasion honors the numerous racial and cultural groups that contribute to the area’s vibrancy. In Vancouver, for instance, there is a festival specifically for anime fans. Other events are just as purposefully planned, and they’re all fun.

3. There are Festivals Galore

Numerous street festivals and cultural events happen around British Columbia Day. There are numerous possibilities to participate in the festivities of the event, from a street dance festival to a Caribbean festival.

How to Celebrate British Columbia Day

1. Embrace The Pioneering Spirit

British Columbia Day was created to honor the pioneers’ contributions to the development of the area. Become a pioneer yourself by supporting a cause you believe in, discovering a new area of your city, or even creating a working prototype of an innovative idea you’ve had.

2. Read Up on Your Region’s History

Participate actively in the ongoing history of your city. Look up some pertinent articles, read them, or watch a video about a person from the past of your province. You’ll walk into gatherings for British Columbia Day prepared with information your friends might not be aware of.

3. Attend a Street Fair or Festival

Today is a terrific day for discovering new cuisines, making new acquaintances, and possibly seeing a play or concert in a genre you haven’t seen before, all of which are related to your Canadian province or territory’s culture and tradition. You’ll learn more and have more fun if your thinking is more open.

British Columbia Day FAQS

Why Do We Celebrate British Columbia Day?

The annual celebration of British Columbia Day, which falls on the first Monday in August, honors these individuals for their roles in influencing the region’s social, cultural, and political climate.

Is British Columbia Day a Statutory Holiday?

It is one of the five provincial holidays observed across British Columbia.

Is November 11 a Holiday in Canada?

Remembrance Day is observed on November 11 as a legal holiday in Canada.

British Columbia Day Dates

August 1Monday2022
August 7Monday2023
August 19Monday2024
August 4Monday2025


As you can see, there is no lack of exciting events and activities taking place across the province to celebrate this special day. If you are yet to plan your trip and want an idea of where to visit, our blog has given you many destinations that will not only be fun but also a great way to learn more about British Columbia”s history.

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